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Rwandan Journalist Charles Ingabire of Inyenyeri News Killed In Kampala

December 2, 2011 -� State House Counter Intelligence has picked up the investigation into the killing of top journalist Charles Ingabire.

According to a well-placed army officer, it�s feared Ingabire was killed in highly planned mission.

Ingabire met a group of three men at around 10:00pm last night. One of them later left them in the middle of the meeting.

The killer was reportedly traveling in a Pajero Short Chasis. Boda boda riders at the scene of crime said the assailant who fired the killer short was seated in the passenger seat and only saw part of the registration number as UAF.

After gunshots, the criminals took off. State House intelligence says Ingabire does not booze.

As we write this, at least 50 top military agents have been dispatched to Old Kampala to investigate the incident that has put Kigali and Kampala ties at stake.

But it�s highly suspected the man who left the meeting knew about the plot.

13:00pm: Charles Ingabire, the editor of Inyenyeri news and strong critic of President Paul Kagame has been shot in the thorax in Kampala. His body is at Mulago mortuary. According to latest reports, a pal telephoned Ingabire on Thursday night, telling him to turn up at Pride Theatre in Old Kampala for a cup of tea.

Ingabire met three un-identified men at Hotel Samalina. They chatted for five hours. At 2am, as Ingabire boarded a boda boda to ride home, he was shot from close range. He died on spot.

Ingabire was found shot in the throat, his life-less body in a pool of blood.

According to a highly placed security source investigating the matter, one Leon Magyeshi, who is now detained at the headquarters of Chieftaincy of military intelligence in Kampala, is believed to have coordinated the assassination.

Magyeshi, a Rwandese military veteran, has been coordinating espionage activities for Kagame�s government from Kampala. He was picked by CMI from his home in Mengo, a Kampala suburb.

Born in the Tanzanian Province of Kagera, Magyeshi joined the Rwanda Patriotic Army(RPA) now RDF in 1992 and served in the Presidential Protection Unit (PPU).

Before his arrest Majeshi was running an online news website www.

More shocking information shows Magyeshi was reportedly sent by Rwandese government to prop up a sham opposition forum in Uganda with the view of netting Kagame�s enemies hiding in Kampala. Magyeshi has been in detention for almost two weeks where he is being interrogated.

Magyeshi-Ingabire links

According to up-to-date sources, Magyeshi has since been a business partner of the deceased.

Ingabire joined hands with Magyeshi to form Inyenyeri newspaper shortly after the deceased fled into exile in 2007. The paper was hugely critical of Kagame’s regime.

Ingabire didn�t know he was dealing with a dangerous subject until last night when heavy gunshots ended his precious life.

Security is investigating reports that the arrest of Magyeshi could have forced the latter�s �bosses� to order the killing of Ingabire.

Before he fled to exile in Kampala, Ingabire founded Ongera Micro-Finance in Kigali which quickly realised profits.

It�s said Rwanda First Lady Jeanette Kagame developed interest in the financial institution. However, Ingabire did not want state interference. Gradually, state machinery cracked hard on the institution and brought it on its knees.

Fearing for his life, Ingabire took off to Kampala. However, sources in Rwanda say days before he fled Kigali, Rwanda intelligence wanted to jail him for �using names of high government personalities to get money from European Countries to fund his micro-finance.�

Friends say Ingabire had started learning Luganda language in Kampala.

Police is still tight-lipped on the matter. Our news desk telephoned Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Ibin Ssenkumbi at 11:00am for comment but said �I am not aware about the incident please call me back after 30 minutes.� At 11:32am, we telephoned Ssenkumbi again who said �I am still checking.�

Old Kampala DPC Siraje�s known mobile phone is off.

Early this year, ISO Director Ronnie Balya carried out a breath-taking investigation in Kampala with the view of arresting Kigali intelligence operatives who were reportedly on a mission to eliminate specific refugees hiding in Uganda.

The spies were sent after it emerged that renegade army chief Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa and ex External Security boss Col. Patrick Karegyeya were mobilising Rwandan exiles in Uganda to invade Rwanda

Tensions hit peak levels thus forcing Museveni to jet in Rwanda for peace-talks. A source says hundreds of Rwandan refugees petitioned CMI boss Brig. James Mugira and Museveni, citing harassment by Rwanda spies.

The petitions even necessitated a high level security meeting at State House, Entebbe. In that meeting, a security officer remarked: �Rwanda spies have flooded our country especially Kampala. In Mengo and Rubaga hotels, they are like locusts.�

Those days, it�s said, Red Pepper Director Arinaitwe Rugyendo and 256news reporter Godwin Agaba were on the hit-list. In fact Agaba�s dog was poisoned a couple of months ago.

Recently, Britain sternly warned Kagame of �grave consequences� once Rwandese exiles living in London were hurt. They had complained of persistent harassment by Rwanda spies.

Last year, Nyamwasa survived assassination by a Rwanda military intelligence operative, a development that severed diplomatic ties between Pretoria and Kigali.

The body of Ingabire is at Mulago Mortuary. Kagame is expected in Uganda on December 10 to oversee the controversial Young Achievers’ Awards ceremony at Common Wealth Resort, Munyonyo, Kampala.




1 Jp { 12.02.11 at 9:16 pm }

Kagame is a killer and the killer they knw their prices. He is killing pple everywhere he has the his guys called ‘Intore’ they are the one he send to poisone pples,shoot

2 Smith { 12.03.11 at 1:19 am }

Ugandans themselves know Kagame is a dangerous tyrannical slaughter he even killed many Ugandans when he was in NRA before invading Rwanda and kill/ordered the killing of many unarmed civilians, as well as the former Rwandan president Juvenal Habyalimana thus ignited Tutsis genocide, as you can see all the Great-lakes region is in trouble because of this terrorist Kagame

3 musajya { 12.03.11 at 8:18 pm }

This is horible !!!kagame is a killer everyone knows in this planet !!
Mr President Museveni muat do something if he didn’t he will be assassinate also by Kagame later !!wait and see. he has a plan to kill Museveni , and he most weapon is the poison . even the people who beleive that they are alive , they are already enpoisoned !!they will die soon , most they die after 6 months to a 16 months

4 teddy { 12.12.11 at 12:01 am }

Haha my god some people can really be stupid but ugandans more than that. You preach poison cause u r a omulozi self!! God forgive u.

5 kamanzi { 02.09.12 at 8:18 am }

Please guyz, i hate statements without proof and objective.
what is the proof that kagame is a Killer? this is all about bias, gossip and propaganda.

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