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Testimony of survivor of Rwandan army killings in D.R. Congo

Here is a testimony of a survivor of RPF atrocities Gerturde Uwamariya, read during the Commemoration of 15th Anniversary of Rwandan refugees massacres in Congo held in Oxford House in London on Saturday 26th November 2011.
Uwamariya said that what she saw and experienced in Congo was the most horrible experiences that anyone can experience and no one should experience that. She reminded the audience that those who committed those atrocities have not been persecuted despite all available evidences of their actions


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1 Henry { 12.18.11 at 11:29 pm }

I’m also a survivor of RPF atrocities in D R Congo and I huge evryone who experienced this atrocities to stand up and denounce brutality and killings of paul kagame.
kagame remember Gadafi, Sadam Hussein,Savimbi,… one day you gona vomit the blood you sucked the millions of rwandans

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