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    Thumbnailby Carroll Bogert When Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame joins the other heads of state for the UN General Assembly this week, there’ll be awkward questions to answer about alleged atrocities

    Campaigners: ‘Stop the Impunity in Rwanda’ – New York – Sept. 20, 2010.

    Among the heads of state who gather for the United Nations General Assembly every September, [...]

  • Dear Honourable Minister Joseph Habineza,

    Related: People should not worry about General Kagame’s Legacy by Joseph Habineza, Kagame’s Minister of Sports and Culture.

    Thank you for writing on this website which some people call Ingabire supporter because it publishes articles critical of the Rwandan government. Please encourage other Ministers to do so. I do not have to speculate [...]

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    Defiant General Kagame always says ” I don’t care

    Troubling contrasts Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe was widely condemned for his repression against the opposition with the British Government leading the onslaught on Mugabe, Saddam Hussein was overthrown by British American coalition for killing his own people, Obiango Nguema of Equatorial Guinea is strongly criticised for his repressive system [...]

  • ThumbnailOn the 16th anniversary of genocide in Rwanda the President of Rwanda declared in his speech to the people who attended the ceremony that “Rwandans are as free, happy, proud of themselves, as they have never been in their lives.” The same view is held but expressed in different words by foreigners who support the regime. If that [...]