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Does Dictator Museveni Want To Become A Kagame?

In our AD categorization of African dictators, Museveni falls in a �soft� grouping. In the soft category are dictators that are no longer able, thank goodness, to suppress entirely parliament, the judiciary, and the media. The iron-fisted dictators are Kagame-like: not only do they dominate all these sectors, they out-rightly imprison, kill, and assassinate anything that moves. The opposition and media are silent, in prison or in exile.l

Dictator Museveni, once in a while, blunders towards the Kagame-like iron fisted dictator. Take the case of the criminal libel case against two Daily Monitor journalists accused of defaming the Ugandan dictator.

This is the so-called case against Henry Ochieng, the paper�s political editor and Angelo Izama, a senior reporter.

The Ugandan dictator was unhappy because of the article the two journalists wrote back in December 2009 titled �Will the people�s power defeat President Museveni in the poll?� The Dictator�s prosecutors allege that the journalists compared M7 to the late Fernando Marcos who was deposed in 1986 (the same year that M7 came to power) by people�s power in the Philippines.

What is this Mr Dictator M7? Of course the journalists are right in arguing that this bogus court case is nothing but harassment that infringes on media freedom and fundamental rights the world over.

Shame on you Dictator Museveni for wanting to be like the butcher of Rwanda in use of draconian iron-fisted human rights abuses!

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