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Charles Ingabire: A Rwandan Brave Who Did Not Need Weapons

AD and readers, I pay tribute to our fallen but not to be forgotten Rwandan Brave Charles Ingabire, founder and editor of Inyenyeri, who was murdered by Kagame after Ingabire chose exile rather than be silenced by the Rwandan butcher. Ingabire, may your passing rally Rwandans to free ourselves of the Kagames. Ingabire, you kept telling us that:

Today, it is now or never�
The battle has just begun
All I have in my mind is�

Never give up!
Never give up!

Never give up even if�
If I fall, I will rise
I am brave because in my mind�

Never give up!
Never give up!

I will never stop, I�ll walk hard
No one can stop me even my greatest nightmare
For all I know, the lord always guide me.

Never give up!
Never give up!

The wound would never be my weakness
Even my greatest enemies
For I know all this time�

Never give up!
Never give up!

I promised myself
I will pass this greatest battle
So whatever happens

I will never�
Never ever give up!

Rey Benipayo, whoever you are who wrote these words, thanks for lending us these poetic lines through which to sing songs to our departed Rwandan brave Charles Ingabire. Rest in peace dear brother.

Gakuba Theodore, Kigali.

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