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People inside Rwanda stand up against Kagame

1,000 Brave Rwandans Standup to Butcher Kagame

Cycling to freedom from Kagame dictatorship

The unrest sweeping the Middle East is reaching the Central African region – Rwanda may be next in line.

One year on after the Tunisia’s jasmine revolution, a 26-year old Mohammed Bouazizi set himself alight on 17 December 2010 unleashing a tsunami against dictatorship. The rest is history.

Another young African, known as Donatien, has ignited an uprising in  Kagame’s totalitarian state of Rwanda.

Reports from the central town of Gitarama (Muhanga) say that about 1,000 young men took up the streets to defend Donatien, a bicycle taxi-owner who makes a living by transporting passengers. His bicycle was being forcibly taken by Local Defense Forces. These are the goons the Kagame sycophants use to intimidate and kill his own population.

The Rwandan butcher recently decided that bicycle taxi-owners around the country – they are more than 10,000 people- should stop cycling on the roads they contribute to build.

The arrest of Donatien triggered clashes between LDF and civilians in Nyabisindu. Eventually the road Kigali -Gitarama-Kibuye was closed for almost 2 hours following the spontaneous demonstration.

Protesters chanted slogans like: “We are feed up with the dictatorship.” “We stand up for our rights”.

Dozens of policemen, heavily armed were later deployed as the crowed refused to let Donatien be arrested by police. Similar scenes of uprising have been reported various parts of Rwanda, in Kayonza and Mushubati where young people reacted angrily when Kagame decided once again they should stop making a living by mining on their own land.

Meanwhile, another brave young man, Charles Ingabire, has been robbed of his young life. Like his fellow Rwandan Donatien, Ingabire had refused to be silenced by Kagame’s oppressive regime. He had instead went into exile in Uganda where continued to publish his investigative writing on Kagame vampire state. As tension grows inside the country, the Rwandan dictator has once again brutally taken a life of a journalist, Charles Ingabire.

The words of Gitarama protesters are most appropriate: “We are feed up with the dictatorship.” “We stand up for our rights”.

Ndoli, Kigali, Rwanda

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1 hategeka { 01.20.12 at 1:38 pm }

hahaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! this so funny! I am a Rwandan leaving in the country but I’ve never heard of this news anywhere only on this web site! Let’s wait and see when the same situation as that of Libya will happen in Rwanda. Only I see people busy going to their work and instead praising the one you’re calling autocrat their hero. Please Kagame is a man of action and we know that’s why there came some misunderstandings among you and hm as a leader of the country.
We know he always struggle to see Rwanda and Africa develop.

2 hategeka { 02.01.12 at 11:32 am }

This web seems to be of people against the Rwandan regime as i see much of their news do not portrait the true picture of the government. For example the strikes they say never happened at Gitarama it is rather a rumour.

3 gakwaya { 04.18.12 at 2:29 pm }

our lovely country has been become the proper land of Kagame and his apostles but all rdans me including must stand up againt this dark political of dictatoriship leads by kagame.we are so tired.

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