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Buffoon Of Week: Would-Be-Rwandan Ambassador to South Africa

Mr� Vincent Karega the would be Rwandan Ambassador to South Africa, you are our Buffoon of the week.

This buffoon of the week has been sitting in South Africa for months without accreditation as an Ambassador.

Now this buffoon says that Rwanda and South Africa has good relations because the Rwandan Butcher was invited to ANC 100th year celebrations.

The buffoon says that �small issues� that led to tensions between the two countries are the thing of the past.

Mr Buffoon, let us put things into a proper perspective before you get carried away with lies:

  • All African heads of state and world leaders were invited to this event! Unfortunately, Butcher Kagame happens to be one of them.
  • Desperate Kagame seized the opportunity to show up! He no doubt saw this as an opportunity to make a bit of cash by renting out Bombardier Global Express to himself.
  • But unlike his daddy/uncle Museveni who was invited to speak at the event, Butcher Kagame was part of decoration for the occasion.
  • Further, President Jacob Zuma �has not yet found time� to receive the Butcher�s ambassador who is still in limbo, a diplomatic way of saying that the would-be ambassador is indeed a buffoon.
  • Furthermore, South African Ambassador to Rwanda is still recalled.

Mr Buffoon and your Butcher boss, in case you forgot, you attempted twice to assassinate an exiled Rwandan General in SA during the 2010.

For trying to lie your way out of Kagame global terrorism, you are a buffoon of the week.

African Dictator



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