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Kagame offers up more clich�s to Susan Rice�s criticisms

US Envory Susan Rice delivers speech at KIST

AD, just in case some of our pen-fighters may have missed this, there is the debate of the absurd between President Obama government and our dictator here in Rwanda. You may remember that President Obama�s UN Envoy Susan Rice recently stated the obvious about the terrible situation Dictator Kagame has created in Rwanda:

  • �Civil society activists, journalists, and political opponents of the government often fear organizing peacefully and speaking out.�
  • �Some have been harassed. Some have been intimidated by late-night callers. Some have simply disappeared.�
  • The political culture in Rwanda under President Paul Kagame�s government �remains comparatively closed.�
  • �Press restrictions persist.�
  • �In Rwanda, economic development and political openness should reinforce each other.�

Our dictator has come back swinging as usual. He does not do what my Nigerian friend used to advise that �engage mind before engage mouth.� And is Dictator Kagame response to Ambassador Rice?

  • Over 11 million Rwandans can say what they want, where they want, using means he, Kagame has put in place, including modern internet infrastructure.
  • Rwandans choose the leaders they want.
  • His regime has done everything possible to promote citizen�s development.
  • It is impossible to understand why outsiders conclude that Rwandans do not have space to express themselves.

Kagame, why do you abuse the entire world�s intelligence? Frankly we Rwandans fail to understand why President Obama does not let you find your way into the dustbin. As we all know, a federal court in Oklahoma recently dismissed a lawsuit against the Rwandan dictator for killing his predecessor. And guess who stood by the Rwandan dictator � President Obama, whose administration urged the court to recognize Kagame�s immunity in the United States.

And now, the same Obama government gives the dictator good advice, by stating the known and arguing common sense, the Rwandan butcher comes swinging with his usual lies, arrogance, rudeness and dismissive crudeness.

Dictator Kagame, you should do well to read to piece in Kenya�s Standard Newspaper on Africa dictators, and how they live lavishly but die ingloriously.

Butcher Kagame, the author of this article has you in mind when he states the following:

�When the going is good, African dictators run their countries unchallenged as if they were their private property, thanks to the absolute power they wield. But their exit from power has acquired something of a predictable refrain: They bow out in utter disgrace and hatred, partly because of the near utopian they live in and cavernous appetite for material riches that exposes the ruled to abject poverty.�

Your end is near � brought about by your reckless abuse of the very American hand that sustains you. But it is us the Rwandans that have the responsibility of dumping you in the bin. You bet we working on it. Yes indeed, do enjoy your $ 100,000,000.00 jets, $ 20,000.00 hotel rooms, and education of your children at fancy American schools, but like fellow dictators, you will sooner end ingloriously.


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