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Rwandan military veteran detained in Kampala over assassination of journalist Charles Ingabire of Inyenyeri News

Leon magheshi, suspect in journalist Charles Ingabire's assassination

Leon Magyeshi, suspect in journalist Charles Ingabire’s assassination

The District Police Commander Wandegeya police station Richard Ecega confirms the assassination of Charles Ingabire. “It’s true Ingabire has been killed. Investigations are underway. I will give more information later,” Ecega tells news desk.

According to a highly placed security source investigating the matter, one Leon Magyeshi, who is now detained at the headquarters of Chieftaincy of military intelligence in Kampala, is believed to have coordinated the assassination.

Magyeshi, a Rwandese military veteran, has been coordinating espionage activities for Kagame�s government from Kampala. He was picked by CMI from his home in Mengo, a Kampala suburb.


Rwandan Journalist Charles Ingabire of Inyenyeri News Killed In Kampala




1 kenneth { 12.02.11 at 6:14 pm }

Kagame is a f**n coward

2 Rugema { 12.05.11 at 5:03 pm }

He who killes arefugee in your home can Kill you next, Ingabire Charlce we shall miss him always as our friend and abrother acommerade we suffered with in pains of refugee! His ideas and blief are shared by many! fools who killed you shall face justice before they die. I know you have reft in fresh but alive in spirt
Thanks alot to refuse the mission of those criminals of killing your innocent brothers and stayed on the principles of your belife as aman of honor
time is short you have left but your cause shall be achived
Your blood will be irrigation for the peace of our land, we shall remember you, Rutayisire and Rugambage.
We shall have many of your type because dogs will always think that we shall compromise our rigths on gripe of killing us but we shall never.
Our cause is not built on weapons of iron nor of the planes that bombs but our fiber is built on bliefe what we believe in is what will make us hard to bend never shall we be silenced by the tomentors and killers becuase we shall be giving them powers to oppress paka last!

3 Bossa { 12.06.11 at 2:41 pm }

Izo ngegera zigenzwa no kumena amaraso koko, Imana izabibabaza ariko. Kagendaga kabunga nka Roho mbi kagamije kwisasira abantu? Nagende ajye guhanurira muri gereza! Ariko ubwo nawe arabyuka Kagame yamuguze, birababaje!

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