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Kagame’s Spies Followed Ingabire To His Funeral

Mourners at Ingabire�s funeral hiding their faces from Kagame

AD and readers, look at this photo in Uganda�s Monitor Newspaper of the mourners at the assassinated Rwandan journalist Charles Ingabire. This is what Rwandans have become under the regime of Paul Kagame, our so called president. We all live in fear. Rwandan people cannot even bury their dead in peace because the fear of Kagame followed them across the border into Uganda.

Dear Lord, how can this be? How can one human being spread terror through fear of this magnitude?

The overwhelming sense in Kigali and elsewhere in the country is a profound fear of the powerful Kagame regime, and of his fearful RPF heavyweights especially the minister of local government James Musoni known as Rajabu. The culture of impunity, the real threat to be at the receiving end of ever more reckless acts by Kagame goons is beyond belief. Just look at the photo of Ingabire funeral above.

In today�s Rwanda the ambiguity about the identity of the goons who may report or attack you causes great uncertainty and alarm � ask the Gitarama bicycle taxi owners how they managed to tame their anxiety and even fought back their attackers recently in a story recently shown at AD. The regime now does not allow the more that 10,000 bicycle owners in our country to ride on main roads. My God, where are they to ride and how are they make a living if they don�t have cars?

Kagame police, local defence forces and the military are now determined to controlling every aspect of life. They use interrogation and torture to extract information � all of us Rwandans now have become the enemies of the Kagame state. It is as if we are back in Soviet Union or Nazi Germany when loyalties divided even families. It is now common for wives or husbands to report their partners to the regime informers.

Rajabu James Musoni�s local government methods are ruthless. No citizen has a right in this country anymore. We as a nation of trapped rats, or frogs and mosquitoes as Kagame himself likes to put it. Look at the photo of Charles Ingabire funeral again � you immediately see a sense of hopelessness which is prevailing with complete anonymity and even isolation. Loot at the real signs in this picture of generalised fear of unexpected arrest by unidentified agents for �crimes� that have not been committed.

Yet, like elsewhere in history, when a regime reaches such a paranoia stage, you know that it is losing its grip. The words of Pastor Yeremiya at Ingabire funeral may come to haunt Kagame: �If you shoot someone dead, you are only killing the flesh not the spirit. We should not fear those who kill the flesh.�

Thank you Monitor Newspaper for showing the world the Kagame fear factor in your powerful photograph and story. You know of course that no single news outlet in Rwanda covered the Charles Ingabire story. Hardly surprising of course!

Candida Mukamusinga, Kampala

African Dictator



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