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Rwanda Defense Force issues a statement about worrying terror network

RDF says it has a clear picture of grenade terror network

Rwanda Defense Force has issued a statement saying that it now has a clear picture of the terrorists network and individuals involved in the grenade attacks which have killed a number of innocent people mostly in Kigali city. The statement signed by Defense and Military spokesman Lt Colonel Jill Rutaremara, says the attacks were made by “criminal elements who are unhappy with the positive developments in Rwanda” It said the attacks were aimed at creating fear and panic among the population and portraying Rwanda as an insecure country.

According to this statement released on Saturday, RDF now has an in-depth information on those involved in mobilization, sensitization, recruitment, training, coordination, funding as well as the sources of the grenades and their distribution network, thanks to effective intelligence system, elaborate coordination with other security organs and the relentless and vigilant population.
The RDF assured Rwandans that it will leave no stone unturned in exposing and hunting down these criminals who are responsible for the loss of lives of innocent Rwandans. It also cast a strong warning to those involved in these “cowardly acts” saying they should be ready and fully prepared to pay highly for their crimes.

The RDF said it will continue to pursue these criminals and to hold them accountable for their barbaric acts. In the past the RDF has defeated the enemies who attempted to destabilize Rwanda, said the statement, and will no doubt defeat these “reactionary criminals”.
Through this statement, RDF cautioned non Rwandans to desist from associating themselves with these criminal elements who are “opportunistic, misguided and confused”.

The RDF took this opportunity to reassure Rwandans that it will tirelessly work to ensure that they enjoy the security and the peace they deserve. The RDF also thanked Rwandans for their overwhelming support in combating the terrorists, for their confidence and for refusing to be intimidated and going about their nation building programs.

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