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“Leaked UN genocide report on DR Congo has no legal value”, says Rwanda

The leaked UN report in which Rwanda is accused of possibly genocide during years of conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has been received “very, very, very badly in Rwanda”. The director of a Rwandan radio station told Radio Netherlands: “This UN report has no legal value whatsoever!”

By Lula Ahrens and Sophie van Leeuwen.

“All these years the UN has failed in Rwanda and in eastern Congo. And now…”, Albert Rudatsimburwa, journalist and director of the Rwandese radiostation Contact FM, says, “Rwandans haven’t been asked one single question! Only NGO’s are quoted.”

In a fierce reaction, Rwandese minister of Justice Tharcisse Karagurama called the UN-report “worthless”. “An NGO-report with no basis”, the minister told the BBC. The draft report was published by French newspaper Le Monde on Friday. It outlines the findings of the UN project ‘Mapping Justice Congo’, which was launched two years ago.

In the report, the UN High Commissioner for human rights catalogues war crimes among Rwandan Hutus in the East of DRC between 1996 and 2003. They were jointly committed by current Rwandan president Paul Kagame’s forces and the Congolese rebel group AFDL. AFDL was sponsored by Rwanda and led by Laurent Kabila, the current DRC president. Up to 100,000 Hutu’s were reportedly killed in the attacks.

Two Rwandan invasions
The report covers two Rwandan invasions in East Congo. The first was carried out in pursuit of Hutu soldiers in Congo, who aimed to wage war against the new Tutsi-led government in neighbouring Rwanda after the Rwandan civil war. This invasion led to the fall of Zaire’s dictator Mobutu Sese Seko and the presidency of Laurent Kabila.

Rwanda carried out its second invasion in 1998, after the country accused Kabila’s regime of continuing to support Hutu rebels. This invasion evolved into a large-scale, five-year regional war involving eight countries and 21 rebel groups.


The crimes committed among this group constitute genocide if proven in court, the report states. Although the Rwandan government allowed large numbers of Hutu refugees to return to Rwanda, that did not “rule out the intention of destroying part of an ethnic group as such and thus committing a crime of genocide”.

“The extensive use of non-firearms, particularly hammers, and the systematic massacres of survivors after camps were taken prove that the number of deaths cannot be put down to the margins of war. Among the victims were mostly children, women, old and ill people”.

Blow to Rwanda
The report is perceived as a major blow to the Rwandan government, which prides itself on putting an end to the Rwandan genocide and quickly modernising the country after the war. Rwanda is a close ally of the US and Britain.

It might also prove hugely embarrassing to UN Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon and the UN in general. The final version of the report, which according to a UN spokesperson is to be released “soon”, has reportedly been changed considerably under pressure from Rwandan president Kagame. Kagame is said to have warned Ban Ki-moon that Rwanda will otherwise pull out its peacekeeping troops in other African countries.

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1 Jean Mugabo { 08.27.10 at 4:15 pm }

Kagame is in trouble. He is heading in Al Bashir’s direction.

2 prettygal { 08.28.10 at 1:06 pm }

These are just allegations nothing has been proven in court, in this case Rwanda has no case to answer, and anyway UN has never been known to be a reliable source of correct information they are dubious and biased, they let militia men rape women and children right infront of their bases.

3 manyamuala { 08.29.10 at 8:21 pm }

If UN is not a respectable World body to be listened to by the powerful nations and those countries they support like Rwanda, then it must be disbanded so that it stops pretending to be an unbiased body.

The UN has become a bully pulpit and a launching pad where the powerful nuclear armed big wigs and their corporations can order and bribe smaller nations in order to gang up against those countries with natural resources they want to take over by all means necessary. Sub Saharan Africa is such a region!
These armed big wigs and their allies have no respect for the UN laws and they always get away with repeated violations of these laws, which include genocide committed or encouraged by them. The big wigs have no problem using UN as a launch pad for shoving these laws down the throats of those nations with which they disagree.

During, the murder of Patrice Lumumba in Congo in the early 1960s, the UN was either an active participant in or knew of the events that led to the arrest, brutal torture and murder of Lumumba.

During the 1994 Rwandan genocide, UN instructed its forces to sit by and watch/monitor what was taking place! UN then found its voice after 800,000 unarmed human beings had died. It then started picking and choosing who must be tried for the genocide!
For almost 16 years, the UN has suppressed any information that would shed light on why Rwandan genocide occurred and who the culprits were.
In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the UN has been silent, speaking only of the rapes that had occurred. There is total news media blackout of the deaths of about 7 million unarmed poor Congolese at the hands of the proxy king Paul Kagame and his foreign investors based in Rwanda. These investors have fully participated in the disinformation of the events that led Rwandan genocide including Paul Kagame’s hands in this genocide. There are concerted efforts by these very investors to discredit or rubout anybody with the information that would implicate Paul Kagame in the two genocides in Rwanda and Congo Basin.

Thousands and thousands of refugees rooted out of their homes by forces supported by Mr. Kagame’s foreign investors are rotting in filthy camps run by UN or “for profit” foreign organizations with which it has contracts to run these camps. These refugee camps have also become human test laboratories where foreign pharmaceutical companies run clinical trials using poor Africans as guinea pigs!

There is no such thing as independent Sub Saharan African State. There are only players like Kagame and Yoweri Museveni eager to murder and sacrifice poor Africans for personal gains! UN may think the death of close to 8 million human beings who happen to be poor Africans is nothing worth talking about in the 21st Century. The fact is, these unarmed human beings had posed threats to nobody other than those greedy investors interested in looting resources without paying for them or developing areas where these resources come from!

4 manyamuala { 08.29.10 at 10:08 pm }

Due to under-development and unemployment in man Sub Saharan African countries, many African youths are being recruited by “for profit” foreign private security companies for the sole purpose of protecting foreign corporations operating in war torn places like the Congo Basin.
In other words, there is a possibility that the people raping the Congolese women are Africans hired by these private foreign security firms that are running amok in the jungle of the Congo Basin because people like Joseph Kabila, Paul Kagame and the investors in whose pockets they are in are conducting the business of deliberately creating chaos in order to loot the minerals!

5 manyamuala { 08.29.10 at 10:25 pm }

The overthow of Mobutu was the real reason behind the Rwandan genocide. The assassination of Laurent Kabila, the Rwandan genocide and the genocide in Congo were merely collateral damages of the intention of Kagame’s foreign investors to install him as the guarantor of their access to Congolese resources after Mobutu had proved unreliable!

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