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Rwandan Minister Claims Car Accident Killed Green Party Deputy Chair

by Frank Habineza.

Rwandan Minister Claims Car Accident Killed Green Party Vice President! This should stop immediately, it is a naked lie.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda is so much alarmed and disturbed by the recent statements from the Rwandan Minister of Education, Dr. Charles MURIGANDE, made on ARTE Television, based in Germany and also viewed in France, Netherlands, Swiss, Belgium and many other European countries. It can be accessed on : Rwanda : sous les urnes, la chasse aux sorcières.

The International Community should not abandon the people of Rwanda in this very hour of great need.
Frank Habineza.

The Minister claimed that our First Vice President died in a car accident. This is completely wrong and misleading. It never happened. He was murdered and decapitated (his head was almost removed from his body), we have the photos to prove that and ARTE Television has also shown these photos. We also dressed him up in Butare hospital mortuary before the burial. Everyone knows what happened. A high ranking Government official should stop making such baseless claims.

The First Vice President went missing on 13th July 2010. His car was dumped in a wetland of river Mukula, about 3 Kms away from Butare town-Southern Rwanda. The car was not damaged, the National police managed to drive it to police headquarters in Butare. The Founding President of the party Frank HABINEZA, got permission to view the car. Inside the car, police had found in his house keys, national identity card, drivers license and of course the car key.

On 14th July 2010, his body was found almost 2 Kms away from the place his car was dumped. It was in a walking distance to the National University of Rwanda. Several eye witnesses visited this place including people from the BBC and Human Rights Watch. The Minister should stop misleading the ongoing investigations. He should consult with the National Police which has a copy of the Autopsy report.

We call upon the Rwandan Government to quicken these investigations and bring to justice these criminals. We also call upon the International community to urgently consider our request for an independent inquiry. This will help a lot in establishing the real causes and motives behind the death of our Vice President.

The absence of a thorough investigation into the death of our First Vice President will remain a stumbling block to the democratic process and economic development of Rwanda. It would continue to spread a spirit of fear in the Rwandan community.

Now that the Presidential elections are over, we need to have sustainable peace and sustainable development ; we need to solve all these pending problems in order to properly move forward. The election was conducted in such a way that many Rwandans were covered in a big blanket of fear. The absence of the real opposition in the elections remains a fundamental concern that the Government of Rwanda should not attempt to ignore. The International Community should not abandon the people of Rwanda in this very hour of great need.

Issued on 11th August 2010

Founding President
Democratic Green Party of Rwanda
Immediate contact : +4915129025311

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