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Rwandan and Burundian presidents meet over security issues


Rwandan President Kagame and Burundian President Nkurunziza meet…

Kigali – Rwandan President Paul Kagame has met with his Burundian counterpart Pierre Nkurunziza in southern Rwanda over “security issues” and “regional co-operation”, Kagame’s office said in a statement.

“President Kagame … held private talks with his Burundian counterpart President Pierre Nkurunziza at the border town of Huye. The two heads of state discussed bilateral issues of interest to both countries, as well as regional co-operation and security matters,” the text, received on Monday, said.

The meeting on Sunday was Kagame’s first with another head of state since his landslide electoral victory last week with 93% of the vote.

While his supporters were celebrating his win, a grenade attack on Wednesday in Kigali left several people wounded.

Other similar attacks, for which no one has so far claimed responsibility, shook Kigali between February and May, leaving at least four dead and some 50 wounded.

The Rwandan army said on Sunday it had discovered those responsible for the attacks but it did not reveal their identity.


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1 susan phelps { 08.19.10 at 3:35 pm }

Human Rights Watch do your “JOB ” 20yrs The Rwandan People have waited for JUSTICE !!! Move “NOW and with STRENGTH ” otherwise HUMAN RIGHTS ” DOES NOT EXIST !!!!! Its only a “FARCE ” like the “Rwandan Elections on 9th August 2010 !!! Do not let ” COLTAN and METHANE GAS win over the man on the street in RWANDA and CONGO !!! Just how many more people must ” DIE ” !!!

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