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Rwandans mobilization: A call for a different and sustainable Rwanda

by Ambrose Nzeyimana.

Rwandans are strongly encouraged to take back their destiny into their hands.

In the 50s the Rwandan population had suffered centuries of total oppression and exploitation at the hands of a Tutsi aristocracy from the minority ethnic group in power. Intertwined internal and external events made oppressed people ready to face their discriminatory masters. Their courage and determination to change the submissive way of life of their majority gave to their country a different future that no criminal leader could rob them forever.

The decade before the African independence saw in 1959 what historians have called the Rwandan revolution where the Hutu enslaved from birth majority and excluded Tutsi minority managed to become owners of their destiny in the years that followed.

Fifty years on the spirit and values of the Rwandan revolution have been crashed. Rwanda has fallen in the hands of a local and international mafia type of political leadership which is using oppressive policies of the past to control and use the population for its own greed. Voices of the oppressed people are nowhere represented in the sphere of politics or any other institutions of the country. Surprisingly the mercenaries in power claim to be more Rwandans than any other constituency around.

When a nation of deliberately impoverished people under the pretense of economic liberalism is subject to discrimination and exploitation, raising awareness about its oppression is not being divisive, genocidaire, genocide denier, national security threat, but only a call for justice and fairness.

When black Americans and black South Africans vigorously opposed discriminative policies that racist oppressors imposed on them, they were only after their fundamental human rights of association, freedom of speech, owning a property, access to decent education and employment, having space to determine and decide their own destiny.

Paul Kagame regime has now been exposed for what it is: a criminal institution which rules over a country pursues a selfish agenda and lives on lies laundered through PR machinery costing millions of dollars. Different reactions from the main partners of Rwanda after the results of the undemocratic presidential elections of 2010 come short of the usual praises of the Rwandan government.

What Rwanda has experienced in recent months and which culminated in a masquerade of presidential election on August 9th, 10 calls every Rwandan from all ethnic groups young and old, literate and illiterate, inside and outside the country, rich and poor, and friends everywhere of the real Rwanda and not the one of oppressors, to come out more than at any other time of the country’s history to stop a criminal political system led by Paul Kagame.

By coming out together and taking back their destiny into their hands Rwandans can bring and give to their country a trans-formative revolution which can and will undoubtedly address effectively current and future political economic and social challenges.

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