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Rwanda: 6 people confirmed dead from Kigali explosion

Kigali – At least 6 people are dead from the large blast that rocked a busy area of Kigali center Wednesday evening – which is going to change the lives of many people who were seriously injured.

Police arrested 3 people on the scene, and spokesman Eric Kayiranga said Thursday that no new details were available as yet, as investigations continue.

At about 20minutes to 19:00hours, a large explosion went off as people hurried to go home during the rush hour, according to witnesses working at the Rubangura area. The bomb exploded at the exact spot where taxis headed for Nyamirambo park.

Compared to a similar explosion earlier this year, witnesses say the Wednesday blast was larger, louder and more destructive. No building was affected, but several taxis were damaged. A motorcycle could be seen completely destroyed.

The RNA reporter who visited the Kigali Central Hospital says he counted 12 people undergoing treatment – some with life-threatening injuries. The injured include two young children aged about 5 or 6 years.

Two young men were in the intensive care unit undergoing surgery, says our reporter.

Another victim named Kalisa (27) said he only remembers seeing what he described as a “blue Toyota” vehicle passing by him. The next thing I woke up hospital, narrated Kalisa.

An unidentified woman lost her eye in the explosion.

Doctors at the Kigali hospital say all the injured will fully recover, but that they need a lot of counseling from the trauma of the explosion.

All of Thursday, business had returned to normal at the blast area, but what is noticeable is the tightened security. Soldiers and police officers can be seen at every corner of the area, and in increased presence from the pre-election period.

Police have not been providing as much detail on the casualties – which some sources say are much higher than known. Some are reported to be getting treatment in other health centers around Kigali.


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