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‘Hotel Rwanda’ movie banned in Thailand

“Hotel Rwanda” inspiration Mr. Paul Rusesabagina (left) with actor Don Cheadle.

“Hotel Rwanda” inspiration Mr. Paul Rusesabagina (left) with actor Don Cheadle.

Bangkok – Authorities in Thailand this week came under scrutiny after banning the screening of the controversial ‘Hotel Rwanda’ movie based on the story of exiled politician Mr. Paul Rusesabagina.

State Railway of Thailand governor Yutthana Thapcharoen yesterday came out to oppose screening of the 2004 film “Hotel Rwanda” on giant screens at Hua Lamphong railway station, Thailand’s biggest railway station in the capital Bangkok.

Refusing to grant permission for the film to be shown on the station’s 200inch LED screen, Yutthana claimed the film could worsen tensions, because it was based on the reallife political conflict between Rwanda’s Hutu and Tutsi tribes that resulted in the deaths of almost 1 million people in 1994.

Thailand remains in a political deadlock for weeks as anti-government protestors camp out in the capital demanding that government resign and Parliament dissolved. According to Governor Thapcharoen, the movie is too controversial and could inflame the already tense situation.

But for those who had planned to screen the “Hotel Rwanda” movie, the decision to deny them that right has not been received with open hands.
Saree Ongsomwang, leader of the “People Who Do Not Accept Civil War” group, said: “The purpose of showing this movie was to warn Thais to rethink the present political conflict here, which is damaging the Kingdom.

“Thais must focus on the future of the country. We have to believe we can resolve our disagreements on our own,” said Ongsomwang, according to Thai media.

Passengers also say there is no problem with showing the movie.
Parichart Worachin, a Thai passenger who was waiting for a train at Hua Lamphong station, remarked: “I find it deplorable that this movie has been banned. It portrays actual events and promotes nonviolence.
“In my opinion, the solution for Thailand is for Thais to be united. If we keep on fighting, we’ll only destroy this country with our own hands.”

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1 venuste { 05.11.10 at 1:33 pm }

Not a bad idea at all.i am a Rwandan indigenous Twa exiled by the EXTREMIST TUTSI (INKOTANYI)since 1992 when two years
after they launched a military assault to a demacratising government of the then Socialist moderate hutu president JUVENAL Habyalimana(May his soul rest in peace)raided my home village a hacked to death 150 people mostly hutus and twas.i miraculously survived then fled to another african country towards december 1993.
Though i don’t condone killings the movie is biased.
Why it doesn’t say anything about TUTSI HATE SPEECH RADIO
MUHABURA wich also dehumanised hutus ?
The radio as many fellow rwandans remember it refered to HUTUS as IBIPINGA derogatory even used on RWANDAN HUTUS In RWANDA today.
So the movie in my view is very biased .
Why it makes no mention of atrocities committed by Tutsis.
namely the-now-in-power RPF INKOTANYI.
So to me it only forms part of tutsis propaganda of playing victims while in fact they are the real culplits.
The fact is the story teller is in Rwanda at he time so he has
to make sure he tells the story according to the RPF version.
That’s Why there’s no mention of moderate HUTUS “Ibyitso”
also murdered by INTERAHAMWE militia and who outnumbered even the tutsis.
Now the storyteller-movie-hero fled Rwanda and is giving the world the true version of the story.
The EXTREMIST “TUTSIS On POWER”have branded him a terrorist.
we understand the reason behind giving the first story to Hollywood :He was afraid of the fascist Kigali Regime.
That why the once famous Hotel Rwanda is now irrelavant:it’s
a one sided version of events.

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