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FDU-Inkingi Chair Victoire Ingabire considers Joseph Ntawangundi as a stooge into remorseless hands

Mr. Joseph Ntawangundi was arrested in Kigali on 06th February 2010 on genocide charges. He is now serving a 17 year term in jail given by an ad hoc Gacaca court in a retrial hearing on 25th March, confirmed by a shady rushed appeal on 15th April 2010.

Since his arrest, his ever-changing statements and his much publicised “tearful-on kneels” confessions make him a good weapon to thwart the opposition, tarnish the good image of the UDF Inkingi and belittle its Chair.

We regret that his unstable condition is used for selfish political purposes.

This is a deal gone bad for a stooge under visible influence. After thorough psychological preparation, Joseph Ntawangundi declined to be assisted by two hired lawyers and curiously preferred to use an invisible saviour’s offer conveyed through Prison’s staff that generously availed all the logistic support to draft his deepest genocide memories and confessions.
For example, on 22nd March 2010 one lawyer had to wait 3 hours behind the prison’s office while the detainee was in a closed door meeting with some governmental agents.

If President Paul Kagame and partisan media are referring to him as a party Chair-Deputy or Assistant, they know very well that he has never been an Executive Committee member but are exploiting his weak-mind to criminalize the whole party and all the leadership.

If President Paul Kagame feels no blame after the Gacaca system sentenced for genocide crimes some fallen key figures of his regime – i.e. the ex- Speaker Alfred Mukezamfura (life sentence) and ex-Prime Minister Pierre Celestin Rwigema (30 years in jail), Senators and army senior officers- we wonder how comfortable he is when he questions the credibility of the UDF Inkingi leadership because of a confessing infiltrated stooge?

In this particular case the concept of individual criminal responsibility is a well-established principle.

According to our records, in April 2009, Mr Joseph Ntawangundi joined a UDF Inkingi local section in Lille (France) and informed that he was already in a voluntary repatriation process with the International Migration Organization (IOM).
He asked for a chance to do some Kinyarwanda- French translation job in Kigali during the registration process of the party.
His curriculum seemed clean and he was accepted in the party on that basis and we encouraged him to join his motherland.

Genocide and crimes against humanity that bedevilled Rwanda left undeletable scars and therefore our political party can not harbour any member found guilty of such crimes.

Though we strongly reprehend his credentials and his handlers’ political agenda, we still believe he deserves fair and free justice.

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza
UDF Inkingi, Chair


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