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Rwanda: Opposition Leader Ingabire Conditionally Released

Victoire Ingabire imbere y'abacamanzaVictoire Ingabire in court

Kigali – Rwandan opposition leader Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza has been conditionally released after being arrested on Wednesday.

Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza who plans to challenge President Paul Kagame in August’s presidential election, is accused of collaborating with a terrorist group, divisionism and genocide ideology.

The Gasabo court ruled that Ms Ingabire is banned from leaving the capital city Kigali. Her passport has been seized and she has been ordered to report to the authorities twice a month.

Ms Ingabire, an ethnic Hutu, was said to be propagating genocide ideology after she called for remembrance to be organised for all rwandan victims – including Hutus – of the 1990-1994 conflict. She also called for action to be taken against those responsible for crimes against humanity perpretated by the RPF leaders, including President Paul Kagame inside Rwanda and in the neighbouring countries.

Ms Ingabire, who leads the Unified Democratic Forces party (UDF Inkingi), has been systematically harassed since returning from exile in January and has been barred from officially registering the party. Observers recognize now that the travel restrictions imposed on her could have a severe impact on her campaign.

A series of events in Rwanda confirm fears that Rwanda doesn’t meet the democracy and human rights standards expected from a country member of the Commonwealth.

In just a few days, while preparing for the presidential elections, President Paul Kagame has suspended two independent and outspoken newspapers, arrested two of his army generals and arrested the main opposition leader Victoire Ingabire.

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1 Innocent Nsengiyumva { 04.23.10 at 9:08 am }

1. the two evils, a bigger jail, the confines of Kigali capital, is a lesser evil than staying in Kicukiro jail or elsewhere in the country.
2.the timing of the arrest, during the visit of the Governor General of a country that supported Rwanda to join the commonwealh, showed that the system is running out of ideas and is very panicky; it attained short time gains ie access to the documents and other files ( remember how the arrest of Rose Kabuye was planned to get access Bourgiere dossier), cutting her off from communicating with the rest of the world and even cutting her contacts with the rest of the population. As she is formally charged she cannot lead the registration of th party and even if pushed to have it registered through external pressure, they would want a weak local candidate ( who now fulfils the condition of residency of 6 months in the country).
3.Victoire has won the game.
I admired how gracious she was during her ordeal and towards her captors who treated her well as well as her composure during the interview with journalists.
She has placed the bar very high for the rest of rwandans for her grace, courage and commitment to a cause she feels very strongly about. Up to you!

Weldone Victoire. God bless you. Trust in Him and you will never be disappointed.

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