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Rwanda Green Party Leader Frank Habineza Elected President of African Greens Federation

Frank Habineza - Chair of Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

Frank Habineza - Chair of Democratic Green Party of Rwanda

Radio Report by Annie Garrison
In this report:
- Frank Habineza elected as Head of the African Greens
- The real problem in Rwanda is not Hutu and not Tutsi, that it is poverty and the extreme concentration of wealth. (Bernard Ntaganda)
- Americans should know that their tax dollars are going not to schools and hospitals, but to prop up dictatorship. (Didas Gasana)

Frank Habineza, chair of the Green Party of Rwanda, has been elected as President of the Executive Committee of the Federation of African Greens on April 18th in Kampala – Uganda.

Although his party and others, and the press, are still challenged in Rwanda, this is considered as a significant step.

Annie Garrison has made a radio report on Frank Habineza’s election and on the conditions prevailing in Rwanda before the presidential elections.


1 Ann Garrison { 04.20.10 at 11:49 am }

Thank you for getting this posted, and so well. If you want to send me the HTML code I’ll post it to my blog and Colored Opinions just as it is.

2 Ameur J. { 04.20.10 at 4:28 pm }

Congratulations, Frank !

3 Greener J. { 04.21.10 at 2:02 am }

Congratulations Frank! This is great great great great ! I like you very much!

4 victor majanga { 04.21.10 at 6:20 am }

Congratulations Frank, i was not in Uganda to witness that great occasion but in spirit am with you and the entire African Green family!

5 Budyst John { 04.21.10 at 1:26 pm }

C0ngrats Frank Thanks a lot

6 Ann Garrison { 04.24.10 at 12:34 am }

Unfortunately three of Frank’s own turned on him five days later:

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