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Release of US lawyer Peter Erlinder from Rwandan prison doesn’t mean case is closed

Kigali – The decision to grant bail to Peter Erlinder was made out of concern for his physical and mental health and in no way diminishes the seriousness of the charges against him, Rwanda’s Prosecutor-General Martin Ngoga said after the ruling was handed down by the High Court Thursday.

“Bail on health grounds cannot be mistaken as vindication for Mr. Erlinder – it just proves that the justice system he so freely criticizes was willing to show him compassion with respect to his physical and mental wellbeing.

“This will not deter the prosecution as we finalize the case against Mr. Erlinder. He will soon be called to defend his record of genocide denial that insults the people of Rwanda and inflames those who seek to harm us,” Mr. Ngoga said.

On the other hand, Erlinder some family members said they are struggling over whether Erlinder should continue to fight the charges against him in Rwanda.
“Knowing Peter, he’s a pretty honorable guy, and if he thought that was the right thing to do, he would do it,” Scott Erlinder said. “But before any of that happens, the family would really want to talk to him. We have an awful lot of respect for him, but we also love him.”

Erlinder’s wife Usui said that while she’s happy her husband is returning home, she wants his name cleared. “I hope it’s done with Rwanda, but if it’s not, we should still keep fighting against the charges,” she said. “I’m still in a fighting mood.

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