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Peter Erlinder’s Arrival back to the USA after Rwanda nightmare

After a 21-day nightmare experience in Rwanda attorney and professor Peter Erlinder makes it back to the USA.
“I have no complaints at all with respect to the way individual Rwandans reacted to this situation, in spite the lies they have been told about how the genocide has happened.”

“I am a very privileged guy, because I have seen how it works. They have made the Stasi and the KGB look like amateurs.”

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1 susan phelps { 06.24.10 at 6:32 pm }

Welcome home Prof. Erlinder good to see you safe !!!! but we must not forget VICTOIRE INGABIRE !!! As you have seen for yourself the DANGER Victoire is in !!!! So we must support her and keep her in the HEADLINES as we draw nearer to the Rwandan elections August the 9th 2010 !! Now the TRUTH can come out !!! Peter Erlinder urakoze cyane !!!!!

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