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Jailed American lawyer Erlinder in Rwandan High Court with complaints against prosecution

Kigali – The American lawyer Peter Erlinder jailed in Kigali is back in Court this Monday.

At the start of the High Court sitting in Nyamirambo this morning, Prof. Erlinder raised serious concerns against the prosecution. He complained that he had not been able to see his lawyers, and that he just had been given the necessary documents requested from the prosecution. He said he had not been allowed enough time to prepare his case.

The High Court ruled that the hearing be adjourned for an hour.

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1 Manoj John { 06.14.10 at 5:52 am }

Freedom of expression is a right guranteed by all civilized nations of the world. Mr. Erlinder an eminent lawyer appeared for and defended amny genocide victims in Int. Tribunal for Rwanda. His research team found out and took aa defense that there were killings of all sections of rwndan society irrespective of their ethnicity. He spoke about this on various world platforms for which he has every right to.
He filed a suit against President Kagama for genocide before american ccourt whcih seems to me the real reason behind his arrest.

The prosecution case against him in Rwanda will not stand by rwandan laws itself because he has not made any statements in Rwanda, any statements he made in ICTR cannot be used against him and he cannot be prosecuted for any statemets he made before any international forum outside Rwanda as it is agianst his basic human right guranteed by Universal declaration of Human rights and Covenant of Civil and political rights. As the Rwanda Prosecution case agianst him is just for the purpose of harrasing him and trying not to allow him to follow up on the case he filed against President Kagame, he has to be released immediately on Bail. The US Govt should come out boldly and stop the billions of aid given to Rwanda unless they uphold the principles of Rule of Law.

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