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Deployment of Rwanda troops on border scares Ugandans

Kigali – Communities along the Ugandan side of the border are reportedly in panic as they continue to see a daily build up of Rwandan troops to patrol in areas of their country’s side.

“Hundreds of Rwandan soldiers are seen patrolling along the border in the areas adjacent to my sub-county,” said a Ugandan official in Kabale district.

“I was told that in the past they used to carry out their night patrols at 8pm but now they are doing it at 6pm. The people here are worried,” the official told Ugandan media.

Both Ugandan and Rwandan military officials said the border is safe.

“The UPDF is not bothered by the deployments and the movements of the Rwanda army because we don’t control them. Ours is to guarantee the security of our people by ensuring that our border is safe. There is no need for any worry or panic,” said a Ugandan military spokesman.

Ugandan officials said deployment of Rwandan troops on the border is the right of the Rwandan government that should not scare the Ugandans.

“Don’t be scared of the Rwandan deployment because they are doing it on their land,’’ the Kabale district commissioner reportedly said.


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