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Rwandan police arrest presidential hopeful

Rwandan police arrested a prospective presidential candidate, Bernard Ntaganda, on Thursday, and searched his compound on suspicion of ethnic divisionism and attempted murder.

Police spokesman Eric Kayiranga said opposition presidential hopeful Bernard Ntaganda had been taken in for questioning.
“The charges are divisionism based on ethnicity, gathering people without permission, creating groups of people that are suspected of being criminals and attempted murder,” police spokesman Eric Kayiranga said.

Ntaganda is also suspected of being behind a plot to murder Christine Mukabunani, the leader of a splinter group in his PS Imberakuri party, earlier this year, said Kayiranga. “He has not been charged yet, we will continue working on it. We are still collecting evidence,” he added.

Police also rounded up opposition protesters as President Paul Kagame formally filed his papers at the National Election Commission.on Thursday for his candidacy for re-election.
Witnesses saw several Ingabire supporters arrested at the Justice Ministry as they unfurled party banners. “I think more than 100 were arrested,” said Ingabire, who is facing trial on charges of genocide denial and belonging to a terrorist organisation.

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1 Steve { 06.25.10 at 10:03 am }
2 celestin semasana { 06.25.10 at 10:32 am }

Mr. Kagame,
The problem is not your opposition but Mr. Kagame himself. I do not think you are the man chosen by God (not to say rwandans) to be the leader of such a beautiful country.
I am sure the evil is working in you. Otherwise you should understand that you are the president for a limited time. Why do you see your opposition as your ennemi? This is stupid. Your opposition is rwandans people like you (if you really are, doubtful!!) and they want to good things for the country. I do understand that you made a contract with your “Sponsors” (Clinton and Blair) to whom you sold the african soil and children . How long is the term of the contract? Is it short (17 years), long or lifetime? Let’s hope that it a short contract and the loan is almost paid off !!
Be a careful and wise “MAN” please !!

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