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Secret Recording: Kagame’s assassin and his boss in assassination attempt in South Africa on former chief of staff and ambassador Kayumba Nyamwasa

Kagame’s Assasin caught in South Africa Trap

In a stunning exposé the exiled Rwandan online newspaper Umuvugizi has sourced actual audio recording between Rwandan General Jack Nziza (see picture) and one of the General’s shadow operatives; they are heard negotiating the price for the assassination of General Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Jack Nziza

Emmanuel Ndahiro

At the time of the recording (2010) Nyamwasa was recovering in hospital in Johannesburg, from an earlier unsuccessful assassination attempt that had left his body riddled with bullet wounds.

In this recording you can hear a nervous operative asking General Nziza to quickly dispatch a USD$250,000.00 down payment to give to the would-be assassins to be followed by an additional USD$250,000.00 after accomplishing the vile deed.

The disorganised Murder for Hire master-mind General Nziza is heard pleading for time because he cannot raise the money – it is on Sunday and of course banks are closed in Kigali on a Sunday. Or Kagame was unreachable at this time to authorize from what accounts the cost of killing would come from?

The butcher of Kigali is currently on his way to Chicago to address the “Rwanda Day” on 11/12 June 2011. In Chicago he will tell the world how he has single handedly transformed Rwanda. Enroute to the windy City he had a starring role at UNICEF’s missing face of Children and Aids meeting in New York.

The dictator’s trip to the US is designed to give him as much good press as possible. He needs to bolster his image given the rising international attention to his brutality.

Despite the dictator’s attempts to walk and talk like a benevolent leader, his instructions to silence and even kill opposition voices; whether they be opposition politician’s, critical media, Rwandan business entrepreneurs (Tristar Corporations cannibalisation of the Rwandan economy) , is finaly testing the patience of his Western backers.

The evidence is mounting against the dictator Kagame, he is paving his own path to the ICC in the Hague.

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1 manyamuala { 06.12.11 at 11:31 pm }

This guy, Kagame, has slaughtered or caused the deaths of millions and millions of black Aficans in the Great Lakes Region simply to help western corporations who are headquarted in Rwanda loot the rich Congolese mineral resources!
When will Africa be free?

2 Rugema { 06.27.11 at 3:00 am }

It hurts much! But what does rwandies after not rise against this eveil killer in our land. what does regional brocks do with such blood thirst type OF charactors? what is the value of this so called internationational comunity to our land? why do YOU donors spend your national resources in facilitating criminal acident president like the one in kigali? why do you rise against Gadafi and you leave akiller without forntier like Paul Kagame who follows the threatened refugees into far countries of their refugee calling them threats to their beloved Nation? why do your tax payeers fund should be given to criminals who do not consider the soverignity of other countries like Paul Kagame? who kills his nationals and exports his killing tools to country like congo? Why Bwana Kabira do you harber the killing force of your father ie the rwanda defence forces in in congo can you justfy to your nationals what those creminals who are killing congoress as if its an employeed shamberboy in cuting majan! I call the world over where Kagames agents of man slougther are caugth rise aginst him, Rwandies to participate in making their land free of man eator Paul Kagame.

3 twali { 06.27.11 at 3:04 am }

Rwanda warakubititse!!!!!!!!
WHERE did this dumb like foregner come from to exterminate our national? Ariko igicucu Jack Nziza cyaburagite gukora nkibyo?

4 carol { 07.01.11 at 1:10 pm }

well, bakomeze but the truth will prevail.the abortion of Afande Kuyumba’s assassination it was Gods plan, Kagame killed many of his fellows whom they were together in the struggle but people kept quiet because they were aroused by the liberation of their motherland and now what kagame is doing is like a trapt cat in a closed room struggling to get its way out .implying after all…… and soon you are are going to see what is going to happen in Rwanda

5 MOSES NEMEYE { 12.01.11 at 7:54 am }

one day these killers KAGAME, NZIZA, NDAHIRO and the killers

regime will come to an end like gaddaffis

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