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RNC calls upon the USA and the UK to support peaceful and democratic reforms in Rwanda

par Theogene Rudasingwa.

Theogene Rudasingwa

RNC calls upon the United States and the U.K. Governments, and the rest of the international community, to use the leverage of their strong links with the government of Rwanda to support democratic change and respect for fundamental human rights by the state institutions.

We recommend the following measures are necessary to convey an unequivocal message to the Government of Rwanda that it must carry out reforms to ensure respect of the legitimate demands of the citizens of Rwanda for freedom:

(a) Calling for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners;

(b) Demanding an end to persecution (including arbitrary arrests and detentions, torture; involuntary disappearances and extra-judicial killings) of government opponents and critics and their relatives;

(c) An end to the practice of channeling the development assistance directly into budget support, and conditioning the development assistance that the UK, USA and international community provide to the Rwanda government on political reforms, including opening up political space;

(d) Using regional and United Nations human rights mechanisms to ensure that President Kagame and his security officials are held accountable for gross human rights violations that are committed against innocent citizens;

(e) Encouraging the government of Rwanda to agree to a comprehensive and unconditional dialogue with the opposition on ways for resolving the political impasse, engulfing Rwanda;

f) Calling on the United Nations, the African Union, UNHCR, the international community and member states to prevent the impending application of the cessation clause (end of 2011) for the Rwandan refugees, and instead support creating an enabling environment within Rwanda for their voluntary and peaceful repatriation; and,

g) Supporting a political and peaceful process for ending the long standing DRC-based rebellion by Rwandan armed groups.

Dr. Theogene Rudasingwa
Interim Committee
Rwanda National Congress (RNC)


1 Said { 05.14.11 at 6:23 am }

Why could USA and UK keep on watching the anguishing situation in Rwanda and in Greatlakes region as if they were watching an interesting movie despite countless reports on Kagame’s attrocities in the region?

2 Said { 05.14.11 at 6:55 am }

Don’t you have powerful proofs as UN Mapping report on DR CONGO crimes against humanity and you to keep quit?
Above that Paul Kagame is sending his intelligences to kill refugees who escaped his dictatorship in UK and elsewhere in the World for this you also have proof!

Now my question is
how much patience do you expect from Rwandans to be rescued and enjoy freedom and justice like others?

3 Bob { 05.31.11 at 11:41 pm }

I will try to give a picture of the Gahima and Rudasingwa, I know from Rwanda. I will also remind Gahima himself and the his half brother, the self claimed reformist and advocate of rule of law and democracy. Like the prodigal son story in the bible, that both of you should confess your own sins, before self-styling as the champion of democracy in Rwanda.
First, let me remind you all , what was written in the Rwanda briefing by Gahima and his brother Rudasingwa. They claimed that � the Hutus are oppressed, killed and will rise and commit a second genocide against the Tutsi� This was an outrageous claim and lie. How do you allege that all Hutus committed genocide? Not all the Hutus committed Genocide and therefore , that they will commit a second genocide. This is sad, and its pitting one tribe against another. How Can a learned fellow not see this.
Secondly, they both alleged in the Rwanda briefing that, � its impossible that the Hutus who are the Majority accept to continue being oppressed by the minority tutsis�.(�..)� This is another way to pit one group of people again another. If you are really the saviors of Rwandans, how dare you use such language, just to accumulate your political ?
Every rightful thinking Rwanda, knows that there is no ethnic based discrimination, both factually and legally. This kind of speeches and writings of these two guys, reminds me of RTLM and KANGURA in 1994 ,and other extremist who incited people to commit genocide.
Last, but not least, I began by reminding Mr Gahima and Rudasingwa, if he remembers the prodigal son, then,they can repent his sins. I will remind them a few of them, then they can search their soul and see the rest.
1. In 2004, evidence was unearthed ,a top secret financial scam of the year,by the media(Umuseso) against you , while you served as the prosecutor General. You siphoned from BACAR Bank, thru fictitious means under your 80yrs old mother name. Am sure you remember that.
2. Your involvement in the Asian-owned company that supplied computers to the ministry and Prosecution
3. That you were on Kajeguhakwa secret payroll @600,000, just because you were prosecutor General, just in case things go bad for him. Did it cross your mind that this could be laundered money? BACAR�s money laundering and the collapse of the bank should have been a voided if you had acted in good sprit.
Given the above points reference, if both of you have suddenly turned into an anti-corruption crusader, then , Jesus is about to come on earth, and if you have turned out to be the rule of Law Gurus, from your new found love with other so called rule of law advocates, then God works miracles, but, remember the biblical transformation of the prodigal son. CONFESS YOUR SINS FIRST

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