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Rwandan UK resident sentenced to death by Kagame

General Kagame: despot who doesn't tolerate any form of opposition

General Kagame: despot who doesn�t tolerate any form of opposition

“How do you view the popular uprising in North Africa and� do you think the same could happen in Rwanda?” That is the question UK resident Rwandan Rene Mugenzi asked on 22 March to Rwandan President Paul Kagame on BBC. Introducing General Paul Kagame during that Have-Your-Say broadcast, BBC journalist Alex Jakana had said in Kagame’s presence:

In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of voices criticising him and his government. Most of the accusations are along the lines that he is a despot who doesn�t tolerate any form of opposition; that under his leadership, Rwanda has become a dangerous place for those who publicly disagree with him or his ruling party.

Rene Mugenzi: warned for imminent threat to his life

Now, it appears that Mugenzi’s audacity has earned him an immediate death sentence!

Less than 2 months after that exchange on BBC, the Metropolitan Police informed Rene Mugenzi in writing that they had reliable intelligence showing that Rwandan Government poses an imminent threat to his life. The warning stated that the life threat could be carried out in any form, conventional or unconventional.

Listen to the exchange between despotic President Kagame and Rene Mugenzi, which valued him a death sentence.

�Reliable intelligence states that Rwandan Government poses an imminent threat to your life. The threat could come in any form. You should be aware of other high profile cases where action such as this has been concluded in the past. Conventional and non-conventional means have been used.� Metropolitan Police.

A similar warning has been issued to another Rwandan UK resident Jonathan Musonera.
Perhaps a reminder to those who still believe that Kagame cares about his people or even about his own reputation. They should remember his most common answer:� “I don’t care”.

Democracy wind from North Africa can not hit Rwanda, assures General Kagame


1 Dunia { 05.19.11 at 6:44 am }

Dear Rene,

Remember whatever Kagame or his intelligence says, does it but God is great. Read Psalm 23 as your weapon

I remember him (kagame) saying that he was going to kill refugees in different camps in Zaire and some people thought it was a joke!!! But Kagame sent solders to destroy and kill those refugees.

Remember how he killed the Rwanda interior minister(Sept Sendashonga) in Nairobi, he tried the first time unsuccessfully but the second time he killed him.

Remember how he failed to Kill Nyamwasa Kayumba because they disagree on some issues.

Remember how Rwanda intelligence killed and kidnapped refugees from Zambia and they are now in Rwanda prison

Remember the disappearance of many Rwandan refugees around the globe: Cameron, Tanzania, Zambia, Belgium and elsewhere in Africa.
But In England, I can ensure you, Kagame Killing machine and intelligence will be averted thus don�t worry too much about it. The UK intelligence will catch him. There are CCTV everywhere.


2 Komando { 05.22.11 at 9:28 am }

Dear Rene
You should praise the british intelligence! In many countries including Belgium rwandans are beeing killed like flies. Kagame has been supported militarly by Americans and British from day one of the 1994 war, he has been killing innocent civilians and showing picturures to the media that Hutu’s are killing. now the Rwandese Patriotic Fronts’ militia is spreading everywhere and much faster than Al Qaeda, this must end. There is a popular expression in Rwandese language:
” Every Road does have an End”, Kagame will have a chance to regret what he is doing.

Don’t worry Rene, and don’t leave Britain!

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