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Rwanda Comments on UN Genocide Mapping Report: V. The double Genocide Theory Must Be Rejected

V. Conclusion: The double Genocide Theory Must Be Rejected

57. The real motive behind The Draft Mapping Report was made clear when the lead investigator, Luc Cote, gave an interview one day after the leak of the report saying that the wars in Congo were similar in their �pattern of targeted, widespread and systematic attacks� to the events in Rwanda in 1994.41 Where Mr. Cote seeks to compare the alleged deaths of at most �several tens of thousands, all nationalities combined� during a decade of war to the murder of one million unarmed civilians in one hundred days, he only succeeds in trivializing genocide. His personal bias is exposed and, in this context, the countless flaws in The Draft Mapping Report cannot seriously be considered as purely unintentional.

58. The desire to validate the double genocide theory is consistently present throughout The Draft Mapping Report by mirror-imaging the actors, ideology, and methods employed during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The Draft Mapping Report, from its failure to address the context of the war in the former Zaire, to its flawed methodology, to the dismissal of mitigating facts, seeks to undermine the legitimacy of the Rwandan military campaign in Congo. The authors of The Draft Mapping Report are not hindered by the fact that the tactical means to achieve their goals endanger hard won peace and stability in the East African Region, manifested by political and economic integration. The relationship between Rwanda and the DRC is the strongest and healthiest it has been in decades.

59. Sadly, the conflict in DRC continues. We need look no further than recent events as proof. The Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), with their origins rooted firmly in the 1994 Rwandan genocide, were accused last month (August 2010) of raping an estimated 240 women, girls and babies in an area under protection of the peace keeping mission MONUC.42 The FDLR is still led by the same genocide perpetrators who militarized the refugee camps in the former Zaire, and utilized innocent civilian refugees as shields. Their tactics have not changed.

60. The incapacity of MONUC – a peacekeeping mission that costs one million dollars a day and which has been given a mandate authorizing the use of force – to protect innocent Congolese is the best defense of the RPAs intervention in Congo. The continuing violence directed against the civilian population illustrates that in dealing with a pernicious terrorist group like the FDLR – whose trademark tactic is to utilize civilians as a weapon of war – large amounts of money, preparation and goodwill are not sufficient to prevent collateral damage. The experience of MONUSCO today, like that of the RPA during two wars in the DRC, demonstrates that even when the best and most well-intentioned efforts are made to prevent civilian deaths, they unfortunately occur regardless such efforts. This has long been recognized by the law of armed conflict, and it is wholly irresponsible for The Draft Mapping Report to ignore it.

61. The Government of Rwanda categorically rejects this report.

41 AFP, 27 August 2010.

42 Congo Mass Rape Numbers Rise to 240 � UN . 2 September 2010. BBC News Africa available at


1 manyamuala { 10.04.10 at 5:46 pm }

Not so long ago, it was difficult to unheard of that a young man would feel proud of raping an eighty years old woman! To do this was a taboo! Africa�s war lords are not only committing genocide, they are also determined to destroy Africa�s future generation by turning young into indiscriminate rapists and murders of fellow citizens they are suppose to protect! Africans are killing Africans while the resources are leaving the continent for peanuts which go directly into the warlords� bank accounts abroad!

Africa is now the training ground for African mercenaries consisting mostly of unemployed and underemployed young men. They are being lured into the business of becoming hired killers who are protecting elites who are allied with the multinational corporations currently based in Rwanda and neighboring countries. The sole purpose this nightmare is raiding resources! These supremacists do not give a damn thing about Africa, its people or its future. Sub Saharan Africa is now filled to capacity with these rogue young men who have spilled thousands and thousands of fellow Africans� blood. It is difficult to comprehend what future holds for Africa that is filled with young people who have no problem killing!

2 Rwanda Comments on the UN Genocide Mapping Report: Executive Summary of Comments | Rwandinfo_ENG { 10.05.10 at 2:37 am }

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3 kkkoku kouate { 10.06.10 at 5:28 am }

You are one of them. stop with your enticing english. what are you teaching here? all of you, you want to save Kagame and you speak things which are not there, because you faer that if you do not, he will finish you up. you are deceiving him. Tell him the truth, then he can look for the best solutions. If you continue to pretend to bail him out, he will be cought in trap of good speeches of peopel who need to protect their plates anf forks. Confess like this: we are sorry for the mistakes, the international community can understand us, May God save us, and the civilian rwnadans tutsi and hutus forgive us. we are guilty’
These people begun the 1994 genocide by pine pinning the gov. of Rwanda, now they are still finding causes in FDRL to attack and exterminate the refugees and congolese hutus. the same road blocks used during genocide in rwanda were applied in cong to trap a hutu rwandan and a congolese. Remember they are the ones also who advised the Gov OF rWANDA TO INITIATE amarondo and road blocks in order to make grave the killing and let the international media publicize in full coulour. They telesupervised the genocide so that they may stake on the throne. God is good, no person could remove those rare spacies from milk and chips of a country with a thousand hills. you will go any time. No one will remember your deeds apart from the blood you smashed and the fear and terror you planted in the country of our encestors. The God of Abrahama, Isaac and Jackob looks moves his eyes to see who to save on the world. he is on control. the lion of Elijah has conquered. stand firm in the Lord. Wicked evils will go. and the few survivors will enjoy the life again.

A Ruhande, UNR…

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