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Rise up against tyranny and impunity in Rwanda and DRC

Jambo ASBL calls Rwandan and Congolese communities all over Europe to rise up against tyranny and impunity

Join us all this Monday, December 6, 2010
at 12:30 pm
in Rue Mont des Arts 1000 Brussels, Belgium.

Between 6 and 8 million Congolese and Rwandan civilians mostly women and children were massacred during the past 20 years in the region of the Great Lakes. It is neither more nor less than the greatest conflict in the world since the Second World War.

It is a hard contrast against such a particularly gruesome history that the man behind this tragedy which continues to unfold today, General Paul Kagame, was invited to take part in European Development Days.

The responsibility for his army, RPA, has come to light through various reports as well as by numerous testimonies of survivors of its atrocities. The latest being a report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights UN, published October 1st 2010, accusing its troops of committing crimes against humanity, which even might be defined as genocide, in Congo. Already in 2002 an UN-appointed expert produced a report and addressed it to the UN, confirming that millions of deaths in Congo �are a direct consequence of the occupation by Rwanda and Uganda.�

Against this backdrop, several associations of Rwandan and Congolese Diaspora in Belgium including ASBL Jambo invite members of both communities and all other citizens of the world enamoured of equity, justice and freedom to come and express their outrage and denounce this situation.

Rwandan associations insist more particularly on the fact that on the 24th of June this year, hundreds of Rwandans in Kigali had freed the barrier of fear in order to denounce human rights violations of which they are still victims today. The demonstration was violently repressed and leaders of political parties who called for demonstrations, Bernard Ntaganda and Victoire Ingabire, are still imprisoned in Rwanda today. However the last one has undergone torture from her first days of detention.

This is a unique opportunity for the Rwandan Diaspora in countries where freedom of expression is permitted, to relay the warning cries of its compatriots back home. Otherwise, we are facing a risk of a definitive breakdown between citizens who stayed in Rwanda suffering from oppression in their everyday�s life and the Rwandans in exile who were lucky to escape, even though they still suffer severe consequences.

Rwandan and Congolese people have suffered enough over the course of their history. They deserve better than regimes with presidents tearing their the citizens against each other and who, despite human losses already experienced in the region, continues to detain, torture and kill critical voices.

Remarkably enough, Kagame�s regime continues to be the source of instability in the African Great Lakes� region and continues to pose the risks of resurgence of extreme violence.

How many rebel movements are currently active in and around Congo that are funded by Rwanda and Uganda?

The EU must take its responsibilities, as Jose Louis Zapatero did in July 2010. He has refused to accept General Kagame and said NO to the nature of the double standard which is publicly advocating a message of peace and condemnation of the most serious violations of human rights, while receiving in honour behind scene the perpetrators of those atrocities.

Furthermore, the association Jambo and its partners request the Belgian authorities to arrest every official of Kigali regime that will come as a member of the delegation accompanying the Rwanda president and who is within the scope of the arrest warrants issued in 2008 by the Spanish courts for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide crimes.

On 6 Dec 2010 at 12:30, at Rue Mont des Arts in 1000 Brussels, just be there and express yourself loud and clear that it is time to turn the darkest pages of our past and that there is an urgent need to rebuild our countries so viable in terms of the economy, politics and especially in social welfare.

On behalf of ASBL Jambo
Placide Kayumba,
+32 485 198 030
[email protected]


1 manyamuala { 12.03.10 at 9:44 am }

The corporate war-lords will never relinquish Congo unless their African proxies in Congo and beyond stop their murderous campaigns. Africa is underdeveloped because of these thoughtless murderous African proxies. The murderous African elites forced down Africans throats through rigged elections are responsible for carrying out murderous campaigns against Africans on behalf of their corporate war-lords. There is no �neo-colonialism” or “independent African state” when the former colonial rulers are the ones making the decisions about who the next ruling elites must be. The colonial powers never left Africa! They arm, finance and give orders to their hand picked African elites to eliminate Africans by the millions. They then try to whitewash the genocides by disinformation through countless government sponsored foreign NGOs who are now in every village in Africa. The NGOs are scouting the hinterland to appease the poor who their corporate sponsors are robbing at gun points! They foreigners take the resources with one hand and hand out weapons with the other hand to create murderous chaos! Some of the guns are given to African children to go murder/rape their parents and next door neighbors!
AFRICAN RULING ELITES, LIKE PAUL KAGAME, YOWERI KAGUTA MUSEVENI and CHARLES TAYLOR, are the main reason why Africa is still being colonized! They have turned Africans against Africans! They are too dense to do the deductive thinking that the people who are advising them to divide Africa into tribal lines are well organized (NATO, European Union, AFRICOM, UN Security Council, World Bank Group, .., IMF) despite the fact that they speak different dialects and have different cultures! A house at war with itself will never survive! With the genocide being carried out in Africa, a black man may never survive!

All people who love Africans must not fail to understand that Kagame and Museveni are western corporate trained mercenaries. The grooming of these two individuals started in Uganda long before the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Remember Paul Kagame was part of Ugandan army! If Uganda is a sovereign nation and it was not at war with Rwanda at the time, how could it incorporate Rwandans into its armed forces?

2 Nsengiyumva { 12.03.10 at 4:27 pm }

Dont lose heart. This is a protracted war. Every small battel won counts. The Shah if Iran, Suharto of Indonesia, Idi Amin of Uganda, Sadam Hussein of Iraq were put in power by the same dark forces. Yet they were pushed out of power.
I am sure that the forces of good will eventually win.
A big demonstration could lead these forces to think again about their support to the rwandan military dictator.
Some if not all will feel embarassed by working with a suspected mass murderer.

3 manyamuala { 12.05.10 at 12:24 pm }

Idi Amin of Uganda was put into power by the foreign corporate war-lords. Charles Taylor of Liberia was strategically smuggled out of a Massachusetts (USA) jail, trained, armed to the teeth by war-lords and let loose in both Liberia and Sierra Leone. Taylor mercilessly slaughtered and maimed unarmed Africans by the thousands in both countries while AngloGold Ashanti and other foreign mining companies were harvesting gold and diamonds for his foreign war-lord sponsors. He was welcome in every capital where his sponsoring war-lords came from!
When Taylor was slaughtering Africans in Sierra Leone and Liberia by the thousands, the only people whose safety were secured by him in both countries were the war-lords�, their families�, their friends� and the looting companies! If An African with a weapon in his hand cannot protect his fellow unarmed African, something is terribly wrong!

For over 30 years, Mobutu carried out the same orders from these very war-lords while under-development and poverty lingered in Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo). The only job Mobutu excelled at was making sure that any Congolese who dared to criticize him went to jail, disappeared or executed (�reign of terror�)!
The African ruling proxies controlled by corporate war-lords do not voluntarily leave power. Unless the war-lords (not Africans) decide that their hand picked proxies are now too risky for their looting interests. The war-lords then replace them a new set of hand-picked elites. In many cases, the replacements are family members of previous proxies. Elections are rigged to achieve this. In other cases, coups, assassinations, exile to some safe haven are enforced as the replacement methods.

Rule by proxies has been duplicated in every �independent� African country. The word �independent or sovereign� African country is merely used to camouflage the colonization of Africa by the willing African proxies.
It is bad enough to marginal a people by using those who ressemble them. However, when you start using proxies to carry out genocide in which millions are slaughterd, and when attempts are made to silence anyone who dared talk about it, the intent is unmistakable!

Proxy Kagame and his gang want Africans to speak in one tongue, English! Rwanda is now under the British Commonwealth! The God given African culture is not good enough for him and his sponsors and must be changed by use of force!

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