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Rwandan Opposition Leader Ingabire will remain in jail

by Sylvain Sibomana,


Jailed Rwandan Opposition Leader Victoire Ingabire

The new bail application made by Madame Victoire INGABIRE, the FDU-INKINGI Chair, has been refused today at the High Court. She will remain in maximum prison until the National Prosecution Authority concludes its preliminary probe into a dozen of allegations and determines what charges it will finally file against the opposition leader.

The politically motivated charges have been ever changing. President Paul KAGAME in May 2010 revealed that they had 10 �things� against her, but the prosecutor has so far reached 5 or 7 depending on in-court submissions or out-of Court propaganda.

She was taken to the High Court in handcuffs but there was no judge to deliver the verdict, and finally the jailers informed that the Intermediate Court ruling was confirmed. Nobody knows yet the grounds for the judgment.

How long Rwandans, friends of Rwanda and the international community will tolerate this humiliation?

Information is filtering about new guilty pleas deals arranged by the police, the secret services and the Prosecutor. For example in Western Province 9 confessing suspects are in Gisenyi Prison; in Kigali City, 3 new witnesses have been contacted; in Southern Province 4 people have been forced by municipal authorities and the police to offer public apologies for enrolling in a �terrorist� organisation.

The looming political crisis in Rwanda is deepening. It’s time for the United Nations, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the European Union,� African Countries , the African Union and other main partners of Rwanda to address this stalemate before the country sink and plunges into chaos.

17th December 2010.

Secretary General, FDU-INKINGI
Contact: +250-728 636 000.

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