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FDU reports irregularities in Rwandan elections

By FDU Committee

FDU Committee has issued a press release denouncing irregularities in Rwandan presidential elections.

We Stand Against Voting Irregularities in Rwandan Elections Today

Yesterday 8th August 2010, in many areas of the north and west of Rwanda such as Busasamana, Cyanzarwe, Bugeshi Kanzenze and Nyabihu, the population had their voting cards seized by local authority. They were ordered to show up and collect their cards at poll stations as early as 4 o’clock in the morning. At the poll station, their voting cards were returned to them with “VOTED” stamp mark already on.

Forced Attendance and Night Voting

In areas such as Kivumu, Rusizi and Nyabihu, people were waken up at 1 am and were taken by force to poll stations. Kivumu voters remained at the poll station under surveillance of the local National Election Commission representative, Mr. Philbert Uwimana and started voting at 4 am.

In Gitaba at Kabaya poll station, voting was conducted at night with no voting privacy. The local NEC team headed by Mr. Mbirinde simply stamped voting cards and returned them to voters who then were allowed to return home.

Arbitrary Arrests

Rusizi Police Station arrested local FDU Party Representative to prevent him from resisting or reporting voting irregularities. He was released 9th August in the morning.

In Rusizi, district of Gasebeya, Supervisor of Baveya local poll station, Marie Chantal Mukamutega ordered the arrest of Mr. Fulgence Ngirabareze of Nyakabuye who voted for Presidential Candidate Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo. Fulgence was arrested at poll station by the local Police, was taken in custody at an undisclosed location.

By FDU Committee

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1 susan phelps { 08.09.10 at 8:18 am }

this is typical of Kagame !!!! he only knows how to cheat !!! Where is Mr. blaire ?? how does he advize KAGAME on FIXED elections maybe he is taking a leaf out of BUSH junior elections !!!!!!

2 Mushaija { 08.11.10 at 4:40 pm }

Tony Blair being Kagame’s advisor is a big disgrace to the United Kingdom, if there is justice, Blair will have to face one, all these catastrophes happening in Rwanda, assassinations and vote frauds was Blairs i ideas. Now who through the grenades? Is it Kayumba and Karegeya? Indeed Rwandans did not vote 95% this was voted by less than 100 people behind closed doors, If those ballot pappers can be scrutinized and check the finger prints, the voters were less than 100. the so called oppositions were just ghost candidates.

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