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Bad news for Kagame

by Ambrose Nzeyimana.
For once I can agree with Louise Mushikiwabo where she says that Victoire is bad news.
Of course Victoire Ingabire is bad news for Kagame and his RPF because she has made their lies get out. They cannot hide themselves behind them anymore.
The world is now seeing the truth hiden behind their lies.
Let’s keep up the pressure so that for the sake of those among our beloved compatriots who died, were imprisoned, tortured, are threatened and continuously intimidated, we work for a better Rwanda where people are equal and each person’s security is built on others’ security.

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1 Byinshi { 08.12.10 at 1:42 am }

This is indeed wrong, instead, Ingabire has exposed herself to the world, the world has come to know the kind of genocidary ideology she harbors and she is out there trying to doctor lies which are self evident. She of recent was escorted and deputised by somebody who killed Tustis in 1994 and after the locals identified him and handed him over to the police, she was up in arms trying defend him, claiming that it was the RPF torturing her people, when truth came to limelight after the fella confessed to have really killed people in 1994, she was ashamed and cried foul that such a person was brought to her by the RPF but later came to accept and apologize for that. what ever she is doing is just to cover her mother’s involvement in 1994 genocide where she killed many toddlers and she now at large because the local courts handed her a sentence in absentia.
Claiming that she is exposing Kagame and the regime would simply be giving herself airs, instead she is exposing her naive politics and slowly becoming a nuisance.

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