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The Party PS Imberakuri decides on the ex-Secretary General Uwizeye Kansiime’s case and creates an Executive Secretary abroad

by Alexis Bakunzibake.


Referring to the article 55 of the statute of the Social Party P.S IMBERAKURI such as published in Official Gazette n° 45 of 09/11/2009, the National Council of the party P.S IMBERAKURI held an extraordinary meeting on September 07, 2013 and took the following resolutions:
In a particular way:
1. Having analysed the problem in which the party was plunged to by the enemies of the democracy; noticing in particular the imprisonment of the Founder and President of the party, Me Bernard NTAGANDA who, like his fellows prisoners don’t have the basic rights of a human person; having been informed that Me Bernard NTAGANDA always continue to undergo ill treatment related in particular to the refusal of getting visit from his family and party militants, getting food adapted to his health condition as prescribed by his doctor and the refusal to go to hospital; the National Council of the party P.S IMBERAKURI firstly thank the leaders and militants of the party who continue to be faithful to the ideology of the ideals of democracy which is the goal of the party PS IMBERAKURI;

2. The National Council was pleased with the action made by the party in presenting its list of candidates to the upcoming legislatives elections although the electoral commission acting under the cupola of the government of the RPF in Kigali refused the list of the party PS IMBERAKURI;

3. The National Council examined the working manner of the leader bodies of the party and took the following resolutions:

? Having noted that the Secretary General of the party, Mrs Immaculate UWIZEYE KANSIIME who was sent in a working mission in Europe in January 2013 didn’t came back and didn’t give any explanation on the reason which forced her to not return; that she didn’t give any report of her mission; considering that the activities of the Secretary General are based in the country at the headquarter of the party; the National Council consider that Mrs Immaculate UWIZEYE KANSIIME has seriously failed to fulfil her obligations. Thus, the Council made the decision to inform to whom it may concern that Mrs Immaculate UWIZEYE KANSIIME can no longer engage the party any more putting in front the post of the Secretary General with which she was in charge;

? The National Council set up a commission with objective to support the committee to analyze the ways and means to reinforce the activities of the party. In its attribution, the commission will examine the reason which made that Mrs Immaculate UWIZEYE KANSIIME didn’t return. The commission will examine with her what the party can do for her or what she can do for the party where she is. The conclusions on the case of Mrs Immaculate UWIZEYE KANSIIME will be given to the National Council within two weeks. This commission is headed by Mr Jean-Claude NDAMIRA, President of the party in the capital town of Kigali and has one month mandate which starts at the signature of these resolutions. Its mandate should be renewed once taking into account the reason which the commission would explain to the National Council;

4. The National Council welcomed well the wish of the Founder and President to set up an Executive Secretariat charged to coordinate all the activities of the party outside of the country. The Council also approved the nomination of Mr Jean – Baptiste RYUMUGABE, current representative of PS IMBERAKURI in Europe to the coordination of this Executive Secretariat. The main objectives and attributions of the Executive Secretariat are contained in the press release n° 020/P.S.IMB/013 of September 15, 2013;

5. By closing his meeting, the National Council wished that accent be put on the actions of the party concerning the daily problems of the population, which are the leitmotiv which guided the IMBERAKURI to take the flambeau and work in peace so that the democracy be installed in Rwanda. The Council reiterated all its support so that the objectives of the party are achieved.

6. These resolutions shall come into force the day of the signature.

Done in Kigali, September, 15 2013
First Vice President


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