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Open letter 6 to his Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda

RE: Social Security Fund

Your Excellency, while we await to learn the whereabouts of our social security monies, I just discovered another shocking factor in this weird saga.

You – President Paul Kagame – quite literally run the Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB). Why do I say that and what is my evidence?

Your Excellency, begin by revisiting Law No 45 of 2010, of 14/12/2010 establishing RSSB. It turns out Sir, this law was crafted to give you all the powers for single-handedly determining the decision-making process of RSSB.

First, you determine who is a member of the decision-making organ, the board of directors. Here is what the Law says: “A Presidential Order shall appoint members of the Board of Directors including the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson.”

Mr President, you are the one who even determines the sitting allowance of the Board of Directors. Again here is actual wording of Law No 45/2010: “the Board of Directors shall be entitled to sitting allowances determined by a Presidential Order.”

Second, and most amazingly, you, furthermore determine RSSB’s management. Law 45/2010 states the following: “Members of the General Directorate shall be appointed by a Presidential Order.”

When we look at our neighbor to the north, Uganda, members of the board directors are appointed by a mere minister! According to that country’s National Social Security Fund Act, “the chairman and other members of the board…shall be appointed by the minister”.

Mr President, the Rwandan set-up is insane! What special interest do you have in RSSB to such an extent that you scoop so low to micro-manage even its general directorate?

President Paul Kagame, what is emerging here quite honestly stinks, especially when you consider the following:

1) You are directly running RSSB – you appoint both its directors and managers;

2) You influence their decisions – otherwise why accumulate so much power over them;

3) Rwandan social security fund monies are invested in your own Crystal Ventures businesses;

Guess what Sir, my sense is that if the actual data of RSSB investment portfolio ever gets published – as opposed to the sanitised version for protecting you – Rwanda will emerge as the most corrupt nation on planet earth.

We await the truth Sir; it will come out sooner than later.

Your Obedient Servant,

Karoli Mutarambirwa

Sourcec: Rwanda National Congress Africa Region

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1 Jonny Rubin { 06.26.13 at 3:50 pm }

Mr. Karoli Mutarambirwa, Looking at your letter to President Paul Kagame of Rwanda, I fail to find your purpose of wring to him, as your letter suggests. You seem to be informing him about your findings, for which you do not even request him to respond. If I may ask you Sir, who makes the Laws that govern the Republic of Rwanda, and what is the purpose for the Parliament of the country? Please enlighten me on these questions.
Jonny Rubin.

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