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Will Nyamwasa and his RNC-RPF associates tell the truth now after Karegeya’s assassination?

by Bosco Mutarambirwa.
Paul Kagame managed to assassinate Col. Patrick Karegeya today, but his death may generate unintended consequences. It may start a string of more detailed revelations on behalf of the surviving RNC trio, i.e., Theogene Rudasingwa, Gerald Gahima, and Inshuti Za Kayumba Nyamwasa. Yes there is a possibility that some of the revelations may circle back to them (as they may have helped perpetrate certain crimes), but only the truth will set them free.

As a fellow Rwandan put it earlier today, if the trio genuinely opt for the peace and democracy; they would say the truth and seek for forgiveness. In fact, I believe Karegeya had essentially been forgiven by many victims before his death. The trio’s revelations are likely to have a bigger impact than Lt. Abdul Ruzibiza’s, mainly because they were high ranking insiders within RPF; as opposed yo Ruzibiza who was essentially a lower ranking outsider (a young tutsi who had briefly lived in Burundi), who coincidently happened to have access to certain top secrets (the like of Manning or Snowden in the US). It is understandable that the trio is in a tough spot, but the alternative is death. The trio’s revelations may have to swallow their pride and commit to personal sacrifices so they can help the much needed healing process of the Rwandan community.

Let us wait and see how the story unfolds in the coming weeks and month. In my view, there’s no doubt that – by slaughtering his former top spy – Paul Kagame has dug himself an even deeper hole.


1 Jonny Rubin { 01.03.14 at 5:42 pm }

It is very sad to learn of the death of Col. Patrick Karegeya and even more so that there seems to be no peaceful solution for Rwanda.
The Rwandan opposition should mobilise for peace and demand dialogue with their government. At this meeting mediated by a committee of mutual agreement, all problems should be sincerely discussed and both sides should also agree to abide by the decision of the mediating Committee.
It is surely a loss for Rwanda to lose such a young and experienced military officer like Patrick Karegeya (R.I.P) and many others now in exile.
I pray that a solution will be found and the sons and daughters of Rwanda will be able to return home and together build their country, in the spirit of brotherhood.

2 ssekulima robert { 01.04.14 at 4:23 pm }

Its so painfull that assassinating political opponents africa particuraly in rwanda is becoming to rapant! “IDIOTS KILLED HIM” but what goes around always comes around. We are dertamined to remove the brutality, insintant killings, and slaughter of political opponents that has hesitated our beloved country rwanda. Were there’s a will, there’s way. my fellow rwandans, let us join hands to bring back our dignity. however not forgeting to denfend our selves in any kind of attack and the best way of defence is to attack. col (R.I.P)

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