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What next for Rwanda?

Rwanda holds its second presidential election since the brutal genocide of 1994. Paul Kagame, the incumbent president, is credited with restoring peace and stability to the country. But his re-election campaign has been overshadowed by allegations of political assassination and a crackdown on all opposition, whose parties were disqualified, leaving Kagame with no serious contenders.


1 manyamuala { 08.10.10 at 8:13 am }

Kenyans do not want resources generated genocide run by western investors using Paul Kagame to be duplicated in Kenya. The resurrection of the East African Community is aiming at doing just that with Kagame at the head of EAC. The tribe favored by these western investors (Tutsis) is going to marginalize the rest!
Millions of Congolese are been murdered so that Rwanda’s GDP can be praised by his western supporters. That admired Rwandan GDP has millions of human blood associated with it.
Like these investors, poor Africans love their families too and would not want any body condemning them to genocide the way they condemned 800,000 Rwandans and over 6 million Congolese since 1994! These people have tried all sorts of methods to exterminate black Africans so that they can have their hands in African resources! Employment of Kagame has given them an African face to hide behind. All they have to supply to Kagame are weapons, intelligence and methods of applying them to African citizens. It is shameful that an African is allowing himself to be used to exterminate Africans. In the twentieth century, these foreigners did the genocide themselves, like that genocide of Herero and Namaqua people in Namibia.
Rwandan genocide was a precursor to invasion of Congo for its recourses. Kagame is in power to facilitate the looting of Congolese resources. He and his western supporters know that fact!

2 Byinshi { 08.12.10 at 1:48 am }

Manyamuala, Kagame was never in DRC for its minerals, not at all. Kagame went to DRC to hunt the Interahamwe militias and ex-FAR who were distablising the country, they were coming to rwanda during the night loot property and kill people who had been traumatised by these militias acts of 1994 under the aid of president mobutu. in order to solve the problem, these devils had to be pursued from their hideouts in DRC and oust the one who supported them (Mobutu), it was never the mineral interest that took Rwandan Army to DRC, if there is anyone to blame about plundering DRC resources, the colonialists are to blame not Kagame. How can you fight the enemy who is armed to the teeth and get time to plunder the minerals?
this is ridiculous manyamuala.

3 Byinshi { 08.12.10 at 1:53 am }

The next for Rwanda is peace and prosperity and of course to the dismay of many of you who wish to see tragedy and anarchy unfold in our Country. God forbid!!

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