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Some atrocities detailed in the UN Report accusing Kagame troops of genocide

Some atrocities detailed in the UNHCHR document seen by Le Monde

(UNHCHR = United Nations High Commission for Human Rights)

Kinigi, 7 December 1996 “Elements from the AFDL/APR killed nearly 310 civilians, many of them women and children. The troops had accused the local population, mostly Hutu, of sheltering Interahamwe [Hutu paramilitaries, who] had already left the village. At first the troops sought to reassure the civilians [whom they gathered together] in several buildings, including the adventist church and the primary school. In the afternoon, troops entered these buildings and killed the villagers with hoes or axes to the head.”

Luberizi, 29 October 1996 “Elements from the AFDL/APR/FAB [Burundi’s armed forces] killed around 200 male refugees. The victims were part of a group of refugees told by the troops to regroup so that they could be repatriated to Rwanda. The troops separated the men from the rest of the group and killed them with bayonets or bullets. The bodies were then buried in mass graves [near to] the church.”

Bwegera, 3 November 1996 “They burned alive 72 Rwandan refugees in Cotonco (cotton company) headquarters, one kilometre from the village.”

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Mutiko, December 1996 “Special units from the AFDL/APR started to hunt down refugees, killing several hundred. Once they had been intercepted at barriers put up by the troops, the victims were given food and told to get into UN lorries waiting at the exit of the village. The victims were then taken out on to the road, then killed with blows to the head with canes, hammers and axes. The troops encouraged the local population to take part in the killings.”



1 Nickname { 09.01.10 at 8:31 am }

How a country can fear and fight against UN decisions?

Kagame’s government thinks no-one never seen RPF genocide actions against Hutu people but let’s go through:Kagame himself held a speech in meeting and said”We went to meet them in different camps without help and we killed them. Some of them have been repatriated because they hadn’t any other help”.
Kagame’s army didn’t do only one genocide but they ‘ve done a couple of genocides. They started by destroying Kibeho refugee camp using fire weapons on UN eyes and Australia Soldiers eyes.
What the United Nations does’t know?Killings of thousands of thousands hutu peaple died in different camps in East DRC?…To Goma(Mugunga Camp,Nyagatare…),Bukavu(Gashusha,Addi-Kivu,Nerra Nyangezi),Ting-Ting Camp, Peace camp(Inkambi y’amahoro) after Ubundu river,Mbandaka and others.But kagame does’t have a shame to say to UN”If you try to call it a genocide,i’ll pull Rwandan Forces in Darfur”.How many countries arround world present in UN? Do you think the Rwandan Army is only professional Army? Go go go… and your end judgement is ready.

2 If you write against Kagame you are a "criminal" | African Dictator { 04.15.11 at 3:40 am }

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