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Kagame not ready to clear his name over Hutus genocide in DR Congo

Kagame Bloody Hands

Introducing General Paul Kagame on his programme Have-Your-Say on Tuesday 22 March, BBC journalist Alex Jakana said:
In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of voices criticising him and his government. Most of the accusations are along the lines that he is a despot who doesn’t tolerate any form of opposition; that under his leadership, Rwanda has become a dangerous place for those who publicly disagree with him or his ruling party.
During that live broadcast, a question was put to General Kagame about the genocide against Hutus and other crimes against humanity committed by himself and his troops in the DR Congo.

James, a Rwandan living in the US, asked the question in these terms:

My question is about the Recent UN Mapping exercise report documenting the crimes committed in Congo between 1993 and 2003 where your troops were accused committing systematic killings against ethnic Hutus.
Given the overwhelming evidence in the report, are you willing to stand in court with your troops and clear your name and prove your innocence on these charges?

Listen to despot Kagame himself:
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The answer of General Kagame, whose actions and orders have already claimed more than 6 millions of people in Rwanda and DR Congo, seems to imply that he has assurance that he will not be prosecuted. He says:

“First of all, the UN mapping report was not anything new. It was a recycling of another report that had been made many years earlier by some of the human rights organisations.
We have adequately disprove some of the things talked about in the report… and I think the matter has been led open to the UN and UN different institutions and I think there was a clear understanding of what must have gone wrong and that is how we have left it behind and are moving forward. So, if you decide to go back to that problem, then it is your business.”

This revelation and assurance from Kagame corroborates what was written by ICTR defence lawyer Christopher Black (see Rwanda: UN double standards regarding genocide against Tutsis and genocide against Hutus):
“They’re never going to charge the RPF, because it would be too dangerous. If you start charging the RPF, RPF officers, to save their necks, are going to start talking about others. And then you’re going to get up to the Americans and the British and the Canadians and the Belgians. The whole thing would fall apart. They don’t dare do that” said ICTR defence lawyer Christopher Black