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Ingabire exhorts Rwandans from Kigali prison: “Time is nothing when there is determination”

by Boniface Twagirimana

Kigali, 18th March 2011 – Today is the 155th day in captivity for the opposition leader Ms. Victoire Ingabire, FDU-INKINGI chair. The Kigali maximum security accepted only 20 persons from the list submitted by the party Secretary General for the visit of Ms. Victoire Ingabire and other opposition leaders including Bernard Ntaganda, President of Parti Social Imberakuri; Deo Mushayidi, leader of PDP Imanzi and Charles Ntakirutinka, leader of PDR Ubuyanja.  Against the wish of the visiting members, the prison staff imposed on the list a non-invited visitor, pretending to be a party representative, with a clear role to sabotage the event.

The visitors congratulated her for the  international  prize named “Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza for Democracy and Peace” that was inaugurated on Saturday, March 12, 2011 in Montreal , Canada by the International Network of Women for Democracy and Peace (known by its French acronym, RIFPD) on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the International Women’s Day. The trophy was awarded to her in absentia. “From now on, this award will honour each year everyone who will thrive as part of the struggle for democracy and peace in Africa ” said the presiding RIFPD representative in Montreal, before announcing the imminent setting up of a jury.

Gratefully, Ms. Ingabire  compared the struggle for democracy to the water gathering around barricades of walls, calmly infiltrating, steadily pressing until they disintegrate and give way. Time is nothing when there is  determination and courage. “Send them my deepest thanks and appreciation for solidarity and support”, she said before being escorted back to her cell.

Boniface Twagirimana
Interim Vice President.


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