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General Kagame dismisses claims of inequalities between Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda

General Kagame: despot who doesn't tolerate any form of opposition

General Kagame: despot who doesn’t tolerate any form of opposition

General Kagame appeared live on BBC Have-Your-Say and answered questions from the public on Tuesday 22 March.
Presenting General Paul Kagame, BBC journalist Alex Jakana says:

In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the number of voices criticising him and his government. Most of the accusations are along the lines that he is a despot who doesn’t tolerate any form of opposition; that under his leadership, Rwanda has become a dangerous place for those who publicly disagree with him or his ruling party.

A question was put to him about the inequalities between Tutsis and Hutus in Rwanda.
One Rwandan citizen said:

To be a Tutsi in this country is to have a definite advantage. It gives you access to schools, to work, government jobs, to get grants to study abroad, so it’s a plus to be a Tutsi. In a way, I would like to say, it’s a kind of racism.

As usual Kagame answered: “That’s nonsense”. And he even turned against the journalist who accepts to istens to such ‘nonsense’.
Listen to him:
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General Kagame knows the truth but chooses to be in denial.
As wrote A. Nzeyimana of Organizing for Africa in his article Rwanda: half truth is worse than a complete lie, “Tutsis have today monopolized political, military and economic powers in the country. Hutus are excluded from interesting education opportunities since they are not officially seen as survivors of the genocide. Though they are indeed, as Gersony and Garreton or UN Mapping reports can prove. Any politician who voices concerns about ongoing inequalities and Kagame’s oppressive practices is either killed, prosecuted and or imprisoned“.


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