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Rwandan Police search again house of detained opposition leader Victoire Ingabire

by Sylvain Sibomana.

Kigali – 22nd December 2010.

Opposition Leader Victoire Ingabire

Today, a strong team of police officers searched again the detained opposition leader’s house in Kigali and confiscated office items. The aim is to harass and threaten the occupants until nobody stays in the house. After every police search, staff members resign. The last time, fearing for their lives and in panic, the private secretary and two house staff preferred to resign.

This happens amid fresh political attacks.�On 19th� December 2010, President KAGAME told publicly an extra-ordinary congress of the ruling party that KAREGEYA, KAYUMBA,� RUDASINGWA and Ms. Victoire INGABIRE are from the �wrong race� (ubwoko bubi) and that they will be defeated.� Normally after the President gives the tone, there is either a police grilling, a Court hearing or an extension of the provisional detention.� It is unthinkable to pursue this character assassination propaganda towards an innocent mother, already in maximum security prison with no trial.

A fresh Intermediate Court hearing is likely this week due to the expiration of the provisional detention of Madame Victoire INGABIRE.� The trial of two members of the Interim Executive Committee and other party members will start on 05th January 2010.

In all provinces, members of the FDU-INKINGI party are facing excessive intimidation.

The intimidation of Rwandans has now been extended to rural areas where the RPF administration has destroyed over 500 homes (huts) of the poorest peasants and ethnic BATWA without a proper resettlement .� This inhumane operation should stop immediately.

President Paul KAGAME and his government should fully respect the rights and freedoms of all Rwandans and release opposition leaders from Prisons.

Interim Secretary General


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