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Who are Kagame’s Friends abroad?

par Theogene Rudasingwa


Kagame and members of his Presidential Advisory Council (PAC)-2010

Kagame and members of his Presidential Advisory Council (PAC)-2010

As President Kagame scrambles to re-invent his tarnished image as the ruler who kills innocent Rwandans at home and abroad, a war criminal, corrupt leader and absolute dictator, he is desperately turning to members of the so-called Presidential Advisory Council for help. The million dollar question is: will the foreigners among them remain on board Kagame’s sinking ship?  Are they innocently, blindly ( or naively) backing Kagame without knowledge of his criminal actvities in Rwanda and abroad? What kind of advice do they give a ruler who refuses to account for his crimes, and is surely taking the country to civil war and more bloodshed? Can they now instead champion the interests of the vast majority of the Rwandan people, instead of befriending a corrupt and blood-stained dictator? The choice is theirs.

Here are the members of the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC):

Louise Mushikiwabo (Rwanda) – Minister of Foreign Affairs

James Musoni (Rwanda) – Minister of  Local Government

John Rwangombwa (Rwanda) – Minister of Finance

Francois Kanimba (Rwanda) – Minister of Commerce

James Kimonyo (Rwanda) – Ambassador to the United States

Emmanuel Ndahiro (Rwanda) – Kagame’s Chief of Intelligence

Francis Gatare (Rwanda) – Principal Private Secretary to President Kagame

Christian Angermayer (Germany) – Investment banker and investor

Tony Blair (UK) – Former UK Prime Minister

Paul Davenport (Canadian) – President, University of Western Ontario

Dale Dawson (USA) – Founder & CEO of Bridge2Rwanda

Michael Fairbanks (USA) – Founder of OTF Group and SEVEN Fund

Scott Ford (USA) – Founder & CEO of Westrock Partners and Rwanda Trading Company

Tom Hunter (UK) – Scottish businessman and philanthropist

Donald Kaberuka (Rwanda) – President of African Development Bank

Sir David King (UK) – Director of Smith School at Oxford

Kaia Miller (USA) – Founder of Aslan Global

Clet Niyikiza (USA/Rwanda) – Senior VP-Development of Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

Michael Porter (USA) – Professor at Harvard Business School, author on competitive strategy

Michael Roux (Australia) – Chair of Roux International, former Vice-Chairman of Citigroup

John Rucyahana (Rwanda) – Retired Anglican Bishop, President of National Unity and Reconciliation Commission

Doug Shears (Australia) – Executive Chairman of ICM Australia

Eliane Ubalijoro (Canada/Rwanda) – Professor at McGill University, Developing area studies

Rick Warren (USA) – Pastor at Saddleback Church/PEACE Plan, author of Purpose Driven Life


1 Hope Keza { 05.25.11 at 1:30 am }

I wonder who a criminal is! A man who sits on a round table and seeks advice from all citizens each airing out his/her views or a betrayer who fails to meet the standards in the country and chooses to bring it into chaos! As the rwandan society grew, Rudasingwa, gruadually failed to meet the requirements of the society expectations. Infact he is the criminal, a traitor an enemy of his own mother land otherwise he would not be focing it into chaos. Rudsingwa only speaks for a small group of greedy arrogant guys like him but true rwandans are pround of Kagame and so are the friends of rwanda. I am sure frineds of rwanda will remain friends whether or not Rudasingwa speaks or not.

2 John { 05.25.11 at 8:59 am }

let actions talk. People like Rudasingwa will find out that they are talking nosense! How can a corrupt leader work tirelessly to develop the nation?

3 Rugema { 05.25.11 at 9:59 am }

Hope its you who see Kagame as human!
He turned our country into agrave yard of its nationals,
He is the law and the sward and dictates the grave yards where to put his victims.
Hope my sister, Habyarimana had people who saw him like the way you see Kagame,
I also once used to call him my man and indeed he can still be if he can change his mind of exterminating us and forcing us out of our mother land!
I honer you Dr. Rudasigwa and your friends who broke the evil of silence which is a weapon that protects the victimisor and destroys the the victim.
Hope we don’t hate Kagame and he should know it but he should know that a number of natiopnals were denied their rigth to life and others to their heltage so my dear advice to him he should look for concrete solutions than basing on thieves in his intelligence services who sells terror into him on cost of taxpayers money.

4 kabayiza { 05.25.11 at 10:47 am }

Keza, we know you. You ara a Kagame’s brainshed.

5 Hope Keza { 05.25.11 at 10:49 pm }

In my graduate studies, my professor of international politics said “people will describe the colour of the world according colour of the glasses they put on”. People have deliberately put on very dark glasses and failed to see what Rwanda has achieved and the role of the leadership today! Some continue to run away from shadows due to the remorse and guilt. It is high time you made up your minds and contribute to you national development otherwise you will have to apologize for not contributing when the country is high developed.
Just be like one friend of mine from Burundi who said “even if one hates a rabbit/hare he/she should admit that it can run very fast. So please also mention the good things Kagame has done

6 Manzi Mutuyimana { 05.26.11 at 9:50 am }

Mrs. Hope,
what kind of Kagame’s achievements are you talking about?
National resources held in hands of a small click of predators?
Because many of these resouces are the result of blood minerals from Congo where he committed genocide against Hutus?
because he managed to silence hutus over the genocidal crimes committed gainst hutus? Because Hutus cannot be among country’s decision makers?
Because the Judiciary is used for political whitewash for Tutsis and a repression tool against Hutus?
Because Tutsi suvivors of genocide are looked down and increasingly impoverished?
Because rwandans are no longer able to go to university?
You are presuming to be puting on good cloured galasses, but the reality and the truth are that you are a fanatic blind who is risking to be dragged into a deep pit if you don’t change your mind!

7 KAFEERO { 05.26.11 at 12:05 pm }

Keza, stop confusing your compatriots. I’m a Uganda and by virtue of the fact that Rwanda is our neighbour and that events there affect my mother land, i thus have a right to comment about events therein, not forgetting our integration into the EAC.

What you need to know my dear sister is that not every Rwandan in exile is a criminal or genocidaire as you and other Kagame cohorts purport. I’ve come across a large number of Rwandan exiles who’re in fear of returning to Rwanda thanks to Kagame’s shenanigans. Infact most of them are still staying put by virtue of being “prisoners of conscious”.

I appreciate the positive steps that have taken place in the post genocide Rwanda particularly the fight against corruption but never mind that this to a larger extent has been politicised in a sense that its only the anti-Kagame elements within the RPF that have been incriminated thereby side stepping the big fish.

8 john { 06.22.11 at 2:57 am }

Mr Kafero, it really beats every sense of logic to qualify your self as an infromed fellow abt Rwada only by virtue of Uganda neighbouring Rwanda, starting from ur knowledge psted here show tremendous lack even in your own so called motherlands affairs. concetrate on your issues(Uganda) and develope your scope of knowlegde first then u can talk abt Rwanda. Rwandese know what they talk abt.

9 john { 06.22.11 at 3:11 am }

Mr Manzi, am having dfficulties with understanding what your advocacy is all abt here! activism abt hutu recognition in decision making structures of leadership? maybe its you who has been left out becaus the percentage reads otherwise! Tutsis commiting genocide? we have international bodies solely stablished,and entrusted with capacity for that job,and we ve had nothing in relation from them so far! Resources held in hands of elites? my opinion is that this is a rare generous elit clicks in politics, because what a country has witnessed interms of development in a span of 17 years,wasnt witnessed in a 30 year rule of hutu elites controling national resources! inshort,yu r too rethorical in your observations,can do better if your direcy your concetration on facts.

10 john { 06.22.11 at 3:14 am }

Mr Rudasingwa,you are nothing more than a disgrace to your country,your family,and your self! Hstory will jugde..

11 tito { 06.30.11 at 10:04 pm }

Mrs Hope I cant blem you young Lady, if parliamntarians, ministers, Army officers and Judges can not be free to say the truth and call a spade a big spoone who is Hope who canot fair Kagame who kill his own people, people who shared hard times in BUSH of 1990-1994. But trust me the Peace, Democracy is coming where people can talk and be free in their own country. Freedom is coming.

12 MANZI { 08.10.11 at 12:53 pm }

In Kinyarwanda we have award we normally give to people of charactors like of hope and John kazitunga cyagwa ingabuza they are very fit for that suit and it makes them smart in its dirtnes. Kagame has not rebellated rwanda alone and he has not developed that country without the contributions of the silence breakers who beates the evil in darkness like Rudasigwa!
Hope refering to her professor of political science of how people see the world best on the lens they put on! yours hope has no site and has no hope for our heltage at all! stop quating people when your mind is very shallow to decern peoples comments. In world history of armies generals do not setlle when men are not yet settled and before they got settled they instead run out of the general to save their dear lives and finarry generals are following men what is the so called general Kagame after?
John i want to tell you Mj. Dr Rudasigwa theogen as some one who knows him very well well when i was even an infant my starting to know theogen he never become uselles to his firmly of three people comprising the mother Bamususire, brother Gahima and their sister Kayitesi from nothing they become something and pride to their only single parent when they gave her doctorate in USA of having suffered for the betterment of her great children by then Gahima was the ice breaker of what was imposible in Rwandan justice and if you want to know much about Gahima ask people of ICTR because governenment can get biased he made rwandan justice what it is to day!
Rudasigwa is amedical doctor and amojor he got the two because of being usefull my hear hope of which i dont know what you are now,
Rudasigwa is one of the rwandan ambasdors rwanda has ever got in USA who gave image our country boss Hope do you think president Clintone could have steped in Rwanda if it was not the man you call useless? do you think genocid was evr to be acepted in rwanda with in this world if it was not the usless man you are saying? Call him useles we know who he is and what he did for our country so jear your mind befor you become ingabuza madam!
Why is the fictiouse hero Kagame like the way he calls Rusesabagina now losing diplomatic truck because of useless Rudasigwa? Kagame knws well the people he is plaing with and i knw that he will either knell to them or he will just run crazy like the way he is behaving when he stands before parliament and tells them how he will kill flies with harmer what type of fear is that?

13 Justin Rwema { 10.06.11 at 4:34 am }

Guys and ladies, get back to work. No body is perfect. You should be contributing ideas for the development of the country and yourselves at large. Dont just blame each other, tell us what must be done to improve situations ? ignorance, poverty, and social well being of Rwandans.Dont build foundations for another blood shed in Rwanda. We have had enough of it. For those who have chosen polics as a carrier, let them do their work and your voice will be heard at the ballot box.

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