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Kagame to Belgium and The Netherlands: why give lessons about good governance when you are not even able to form a government?

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In his today’s speech, Kagame said he finds himself “everyday” explaining to donors who accuse his government of stifling political rights. Imitating how he conducts himself with politeness, the President said “I have to keeping answering ‘YES SIR, YES MADAM’…,” as the whole audience erupted in loud applause.

“Even those from countries that have failed to form governments for a long time come here demanding good governance,” said Kagame in seeming reference to Belgian Minister for Development Cooperation, Charles Michel, who was in the country last week and made strong comments about the political situation in the country.

“Imagine being taught good governance by a person who has failed to form a government in his own country,” said Kagame amid more applause, adding that he finds more trouble explaining to his donors because they do not want to listen to his side of the story.


1 manyamuala { 10.07.10 at 10:16 pm }

Kagame, you have to be polite to the donors because these are the hands that feed you! Without their donations and support, you will be nothing.

2 Lina { 10.08.10 at 4:47 am }

Munyamuala, you can’t say that its the Donars that feed the president, how do you say they are that they are our hands, you are appearing so cheap to the donars, by the way e can survive with out them if they feel they have to change our legal systems in any way they want. Remember Rwanda is a sovereignty state!

3 muzengi { 10.08.10 at 5:49 am }

lol…that was quite hilarious…good to hear from an independent minded leader…and Rwanda is actually the only African country that is known to regulate aid money poured into the country. Besidez its not needed, it jus happenz to offer a lower opportunity cost at timez.

4 NZABANDORA { 10.08.10 at 12:43 pm }

you guy Rwanda is independant counrty .RESPECT is so important even if we are not rich.They(colonialists) have stolen important item from our so colled poor contris.RESPECT FIRST OF ALL

5 paty { 10.08.10 at 1:29 pm }

do not trust the donors! behind their aids there are fire and price you have to pay! i support rwanda for that! go a head.

6 KAMANZI { 10.10.10 at 12:33 am }

Rwanda with 60% of budget money comes from donors that is more than being hand fed men..there is no other country which depend on donors’ mercy than Rwanda….Rwanda is cheap right from the beginning first being used by USA to go and kill people in Congo to get minerals to survive

7 Rwego { 10.10.10 at 5:42 am }

Mr. Criminal, Paul kagame is still a local leader who emerged from the Gorrilla bushes of Uganda and Rwanda as aresult of barrel of gun. I am saying this because of his miopic, shallow and imitative thanking! How can can he compare his governanance to that of the Netherlands and Belgium?. When his claims these countries that in certain circumstance have failed to form governments, he should know that, in these states, instititutions are stonger and effective than governments or strong prime minister or presidents, as claimed ”the strong leader of Africa(Kagame) in African media”. For example, if there is no formed governments in western world, police, army or secret service will never harass any body. Social services like medical, education, social cares will function normally without any bribes of double standard. This is exactlly what Obama advised African leaders when he paid a courtsey visit to Ghana, ”advising African continent to have strong institutions other than strong presidents/leaders” Kagame must be well informed and be rational when he is reasoning, he needs to have good political,economic and social advisers. He shoulden’t compare his his leadership to those of democratic leadership of the west.

When he talks about the Dutch politician in court, he shouldn’t compare him with Victorie Ingabire, who has been harassed, humiliated, kept under house arrrest and with fabricated charges. (Victoire Ingabire in court, international outcry; Geert Wilders in court, no outcry! Kagame asks why?)
The Dutch politician is not on surviellence, well represented in court with genuine charges and is enjoying all his fundament rights, is Ingabire injoying the same under uncivilised security services of Kagame?
In short, kagame must learn how to govern human beings especially the civil society, not in militalistic style, he must not only depend on his advisors, but use rational thinking. In socialogy we say, ” if you want govern govern others, you should learn how to be governed as well. Kagame must not cover up his attrocities which committed both in and Rwanda and Congo and not sarcastly deceive both Rwandans and the international community. He must domocratise his governance and stop comparing Rwanda to western countries

Rwego is a Rwandan based in Europe as an international scholar

8 manyamuala { 10.10.10 at 1:02 pm }

The western donors recruited Paul Kagame for this special peace keeping job while he was part of Ugandan Army. The job Kagame took does not involve protecting Africans, it was formed to protect his donors and their interest in Congo! Had this job involve protecting Africans, close to 10,000,000 Africans would not have perished though violence and displacement!
Paul Kagame guaranteed his donors the access to the Congolese resources by spilling or causing the deaths of 800,000 or more Rwandans and orchestrating the reign of terror that has taken the lives 7,000,000 million or more poor Africans in Congo. The counting of dead African bodies in Congo continues!
Remember, Paul Kagame rejected the 1993 Arusha Accord which would have lead to peaceful transfer of power and/or power sharing among the Rwandan tribes! Even if this non-violent path to peace offered by 1993 Arusha Accord had not worked , at least he (Kagame) would been commended for trying it first! Instead, he allowed himself to be used by people who do not consider Africans as human beings and have no problem exterminating them like flies, mosquitoes or other pests.
Kagame chose to make his hands bloody. Wise leaders weigh the cosequences of their actions instead of blindly following orders from those who do not respect you or your people (africans)! In doing so, he practically offered his “donors” numerous escape routes for taking no responsibility, thus, absolving them of any blame legal or otherwise. Is this what any supporter of Kagame would call leadership or wisdom? The donors now have free hands to whitewash and sanitize their “Congolese resources motivated” slaughter of millions, and millions of poor Africans in the Great Lakes region as long as they can finance willing African killers. These African resource lovers, who prefer to work behind the scenes by using proxies to their dirty work, are already blaming the zealous African participants for the genocides in both Rwanda and Congo! The obedient Africans were given arms, finance and reasons to kill other Africans and they carried these orders without asking, why? As a result, there are now many radicalized young African men in Rwanda and Congo whose hands and souls are so bloody that they have no respect for human life! They do not see the lives of fellow Africans as something worth defending! These radicalized killers have now become “hired assassins” ready to kill any African in order to get a cup of poridge! A cup of poridge folks, that how cheap killing an african has become!

Being sovereign means protecting the people who live in that sovereignty by offering them security to go on witheir daily lives. Fear through terror oes not do that!

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