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Victoire Ingabire in court, international outcry; Geert Wilders in court, no outcry! Kagame asks why?

In an article published today of the Rwandan RPF newspaper New Times, and titled “Geert Wilders is in court, why isn’t there an outcry?” Sam Rwego raises the question of Human Rights double standards regarding freedom of speech.
Kagame echoed the same in his speech today during the swearing-in ceremony of his government.

The case “white is right“:

Where is the international outrage? Geert Wilders and Victoire Ingabire in court. (Net photo)
Listen to audio clip: [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Kagame uses Geert Wilders court case to illustrate western double standards” dl=”0″]

– To listen to whole speech, go to [wpaudio url=”″ text=”Kagame speech – ministers’ swearing-in ceremony – 6th Oct. 2010″ dl=”0″]

There is a huge case that is transfixing the Dutch population and it involves Geert Wilders. Many may not have probably ever heard of him, and I too didn’t know him until a few months ago. I heard about him because of the dangerous views he, and his party spewed about Islam and Muslims.

His hard-line party, which, interestingly enough, won about twenty seats in the Dutch parliament and therefore have become kingmakers, is called, funny enough, Party for Freedom.

I don’t know whether he is pulling peoples’ legs, but I’m sure that he really doesn’t want freedom for Muslims. He called Islam a religion of violence and has attacked the hijab, the head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women.

He is so crazy that the British Home Office actually tried to ban him from entering the United Kingdom; he was only let in when he appealed the decision in court. As anyone knows, the UK will allow all sorts of people enter its territory the fact that they tried to keep him out tells us something. He’s a bad, bad man.

Well, he’s now in court being charged with inciting discrimination and hatred and with insulting a people on religious grounds, punishable with up to a year in jail and a fine. And what do I say about that? Good for the Dutch.

However, I’m very confused about this whole thing. He’s said some very strange things that have hurt people and he’s in court. Victoire Ingabire said some strange things and she is in court.

However, there hasn’t been a worldwide outcry over Mr. Wilders while there was one over Mrs. Ingabire. I always thought the outcry, especially from human rights organisations, was about ‘free speech’.

Well, I thought Wilders exercised his free speech right to say things like “if Muslims want to stay here, they must tear out half the Quran and toss it”.

Well, I guess he is having his day in court and so is Ingabire. So, why is Rwanda being accused of ‘silencing’ her while the Netherlands isn’t being accused of doing the same?

I mean, unlike Mrs. Victoire Ingabire, he was actually polled as the most popular politician in Holland. Although that is a bit of a worry. But fair is fair. Is it because we are a ‘black state’ and ‘white is right’?


1 Bandi Bandi { 10.07.10 at 10:08 am }

This amateur journalist’s comparison between Wilders and Victoire rings really hollow.
The international community criticized Rwanda for dragging Victoire in court because it was a political calculation to make it impossible for her to participate to the presidential elections.
Wilders was not forbidden from participating to parliamentary elections. His free speech is respected and is not being follwed by his government. Victoire is being followed by the Rwandan government, its media and even its President.
This journalist seems to miss the point concerning what is happening in The Netherlands. In this country the judiciary system is free. In Rwanda it is not. It serves the interests of those on power.
Saying that there is no outcry because Wilders is being heard in court shows how this journalist is just trying to make a comparison that cannot hold. Outside the court there are many supporters of Wilders who think that the court is trying to violate his right to free speech. In Rwada nobody would dare express his views about Victoire’s life from fear of being persecuted.
Mr Journalist you better comment on subjects you master next time.

2 Chief Editor { 10.08.10 at 3:32 am }

Hi! You miss one point, Bandi. Don’t you notice that Kagame, the current president of Rwanda and boss of that newspaper, says exactly the same thing in his official speech? the same day? Listen to the audio clip and you’ll understand the mindset and its origins!

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