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Victoire Ingabire Confirms That Joseph Ntawangundi Lied About His CV

Joseph Ntawangundi Arrested

Joseph Ntawangundi arrested

This must be an embarrassing situation for Mrs Victoire Ingabire, Chair of FDU-Inkingi, who is forced to confirm what The Rwandan authorities and their mouthpiece New Times has been claiming about her Assistant Joseph Ntawangundi.

In a press release issued today, Mrs Victoire Ingabire states:


Since the arrest of Joseph Ntawangundi on 05th February 2010 and the subsequent incommunicado detention, UDF-INKINGI is conducting its own investigations. At this stage, troubling details about his curriculum vitae raise a certain amount of questions on the information he volunteered before the arrest. This has resulted in regrettable errors in our press release dated 05th February 2010.

Therefore we dissociate ourselves explicitly from the earlier records of his occupational environment, and call on serious investigations.
His lawyer is still trying in vain to obtain a copy of the infamous 2007 in absentia trial. Until proven otherwise, Joseph Ntawangundi is presumed innocent. We call on the government to ensure that he is granted a fair, prompt and public trial.

Ms. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza



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2 elias { 03.26.10 at 3:43 am }

of cause how free is free? you cannot acuse every body of guiltness wich you have no proof about otherwise everybody will end up to be imprisonment for your sake so called kigali Regime.

3 Icyogere { 04.12.10 at 10:10 pm }

When is she going to invite her mother to join her in Rwanda? Then you will know how free is free.

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