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US Military students in Kigali to learn from Rwanda experience

KIGALI – A fifteen- member delegation of military officers from the US Air Force arrived in the country yesterday on a mission aimed at learning from Rwanda’s institutional development.

The delegation includes twelve students from the Navy, Marine and Air force segments who will be in the country on a four-day visit to add to the knowledge they acquired while in their country.

The Commander of US Air Force College, Major General Robert Kane, told The New Times yesterday, that the students would get first-hand information on the many success stories they have heard about Rwanda.

“We have heard so many positive things about Rwanda’s development, very positive things in governance, rule of law and the professionalization of the army. These students will see that first-hand here,” he said shortly after their arrival at Kigali International Airport.

The students, Kane added, would particularly look at aspects they studied like; diplomacy, politics, economics and culture.

“They will learn how all those things relate in this part of the world. They will meet with government officials, visit economic and cultural places to learn more,” he said.

The students’ leader, Lt Colonel Preston Jonas, said, “We have had a wonderful moment to read about Rwanda – this is an opportunity for us to see first-hand these things.

Shortly after their arrival, the delegation proceeded to the Kigali Memorial Site where Major General Kane laid a wreath on the mass graves of victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

They are scheduled to meet the Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) Chief of General Staff, Gen James Kabarebe, today at the Ministry of Defence headquarters.

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1 emma umulisa { 03.19.10 at 4:25 pm }

Well, the visited mass grave contains probably more hutu victims in the same proportion of hutu-tutsi ratio. Who is able to differenciate a hutu from a tutsi skeleton? One day only DNA tests will tell the truth. I prefer to call Rwandan tragedy , Rwandan Genocide rather than Tutsi genocide

2 Jean Mugabo { 03.30.10 at 2:09 pm }

It is the Tutsi genocide according to the judicial terminology because inspite of alleged massacres of the Hutu there was no preplanned intention to eliminate the entire Hutu population, as was the case with the systematic extermination of Tutsi.

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