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Rwanda: Warm Welcome To Defected FDLR Colonel Rashid Ngoboka

Here is what the editor Linda Kayitesi of the pro-Rwandan government newspaper ‘The New Times’ writes while welcoming back the FDLR Colonel Rashid Ngoboka:

Welcome back home.

I would like to welcome back home, the head of training in the Rally for Unity and Democracy (RUD-Urunana), a FDLR faction, Colonel Rashid Ngoboka, who was repatriated back home on Tuesday after handing himself over to MONUC. He’s returned with his family and six armed escorts.

Ngoboka, who left Rwanda after the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi as a 2nd Lieutenant, will probably not believe the progress the country has made since he left.

He left this country in shambles and with blood flowing in the streets, but now he’s coming back just in time to cast his vote in democratic elections.

I sincerely hope that his defection will encourage other misguided Rwandans to come home. Instead of living and dying in inhospitable jungles, why can’t you come back to your farms, businesses and families?

Rwanda needs each and every single man and woman to push in the same direction if we are to develop. Come home and lend your muscles to the cause of Rwandan development.


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1 shyamba André { 04.26.10 at 1:26 am }

Excellent news. Those in FDLR who were duped to join should comr home in peaceful Rwanda as called upon by their former commander Rwarakabije who returned home and lives peacefully there. Those within FDLR who are indeed the CORE MEMBER of this terrorist organization and who committed genocide in Rwanda should simply surrender and face justice. Leave CONGO & KIVU alone in peace and return to Rwanda to be rehabilitated or punished.

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