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Rwanda: No To Paul Kagame’s Tyranny, Say Demonstrators In The Netherlands

The Hague: Rwandans exiled in the Netherlands and friends of Rwanda organised this March 31, 2010 a demonstration against Paul Kagame’s dictatorial regime. In a press release issued by six Dutch organisations, they urge everybody “to reject the tyranny of the RPF and demand respect for human rights especially the political rights.” They write:

Asserting that the opponents against current regime are not enemies of the people of Rwanda, we say “NO” to the state of terrorism in Rwanda. The Dutch population must assume its responsibilities and refuse to support the military dictatorship of General Kagame.

The RPF and General Paul Kagame have been governing the Rwanda for 16 years. Apart from the political parties that are subservient, the RPF does not tolerate any other opinion. If a Rwandese does not align with the policy of Paul Kagame, he/she must remain silent, flee, end up in jail or simply disappear.

Since the RPF came to the power in 1994, several Ministers and MPs have rum away from Rwanda or are languishing in prison. They include the following figures:

1. Pasteur Bizimungu, First President under the reign of the RPF, was ousted and imprisoned because he had dared to create the political Party PDR-Ubuyanja along with Minister Charles Ntakirutinka who is still in prison.

2. Joseph Sebarenzi, first President of the Parliament under the RPF administration fled the country because he wanted the Parliament to be independent and to exercise its right to control the government.

3. Former Prime Ministers Faustin Twagiramungu and Pierre Celestin Rwigema were forced into exile.

4. Ministers, MPs and senior officials that have been forced into exile are innumerable.

5. Ambassadors, including Ambassador of Rwanda to the Netherlands, Mr Jean Pierre Bizimana, former head of domestic intelligence of Paul Kagame, because he has refused to implement macabre RPF’s plans against Rwandan refugees in the Netherlands and Ambassador of Rwanda to India, General Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa who was a former coordinator of intelligence have run away.

In Rwanda, no political party that is not subservient to the RPF is accepted. In 2003/2008 the RPF dissolved the Democratic Republican Movement (MDR) party, refused to register the party PDR-Ubuyanja and imprisoned its founder, the former President Pasteur Bizimungu. The RPF also refused the registration of the party ADP-Amizero and pushed its founder, Minister Celestin Kabanda into exile.

Since the announcement of the date of presidential elections in August 2010, three new Parties have tried to register so that they can challenge Kagame. The RPF and its government have erected a “wall of law” impassable according to Paul Kagame himself. Indeed, everything has been done in order to refuse the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda led by Frank Habineza and FDU-inkingi of Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza the right to hold constituent assembly, and plans are being orchestrated in order to dissolve the PS-Imberakuri recently approved. The three opposition parties have formed the Permanent Consultative Council of Opposition Parties.

Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza has been assaulted on February 3, 2010 within the premises of the administrative building in Kigali and is at high risk of prison. Mrs. Ingabire was recently forbidden from visiting her family and is under relentless police interrogations by the Criminal Investigation Department. Mr. Frank Habineza and Mr. Bernard Ntaganda fear for their lives. Mr. Deo Mushayidi, former RPF representative in Switzerland and founder of the political party PDP-Imanzi, has been kidnapped from Burundi and was thrown into jail in Rwanda.

We urge the Dutch Government that is one of the main sponsors of the dictatorship of Kagame to demand political rights and democracy in Rwanda. We say no to tyranny, we ask that Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza’s rights be respected. We demand that the political opposition be given much political space and be free to explain their political agenda to the Rwandan population. We finally demand the release of Deo Mushayidi.

FDU Hollande Stichting
Pro Justitia Stichting SBNZ
Stichting Gezonde Jongeren
Stichting Rwanda Ned Tubane
Stichting SWW Muhoza

March 31, 2010


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