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Rwandan President Kagame Lashes Out at UN over Report on Genocide against Hutus

Rwandan president Paul Kagame has again lashed out at the United Nations, for a leaked UN report which suggested Rwandan soldiers were guilty of mass killings and rape in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Making a speech in London, Mr. Kagame suggested the report’s authors may have deliberately given a false account. As the dispute worsens, the Rwandan leader has threatened to withdraw Rwandan peacekeepers from Sudan. VOA’s Henry Ridgwell reports from London.


1 manyamuala { 09.18.10 at 9:25 am }

Kagame did not bring an end to Rwandan genocide, his ambition, supported by the his corporate supporters, caused the deaths of 800,000 Rwandans! He then proceeded to kill 6 millions other Africans in Congo! His staunch supporters are not willing to discuss where his extermination funding came from! They rather change the narratives about the deaths of 10 millons poor Africans without giving an explanation because killing Africans is the same as killing insects! This a the strategy worth talking about at London International Institute of Strategic Studies!

2 Idi Kama { 09.20.10 at 12:28 pm }

My dear,
Kagame stopped genocide of Tutsi in 1994. Then he brought home millions of Hutu refugees kept hostages by the genocidaires for some years in the refugee camps in Congo. The Negationnists/deniers and revisionists of the Genocide of Tutsi have been pushing this virtual idea of double genocide. Wait a minute! What is genocide? There is no genocide without ideological and political backing to exterminate fully or partially a targeted social/ethnic group! The government of Rwandan’s ideology from 1994 has been to construct a nation without discrimination of any group. No genocide is possible in such a political environment unless you don’t understand the meaning of genocide! I have done a thorough study on genocide. The mapping report seems to be a result of manipulation of this UN entity by a heavy network of deniers/revisionists of the Genocide of Tutsi. You can see this by reading the report between the lines.

For example, the authors willfully omit reference to the cause of the deadly insecurity in the sub-region at the time: the explosive situation arising from the huge UN and NGO-supplied, but ex-FAR and allied genocidal militia-controlled camps illegally established just across Rwanda’s western border. These heavily armed groups and their Government-in-Exile made no secret of the fact they were all itching to finish the “job” of Tutsi extermination their defeat by the RPA had just interrupted. These armed camps had, in fact, become open military training sites and veritable military launching bases from which infiltrators regular crossed over into Rwanda to continue to murder and wreak general destruction with a view to weakening the new Government sufficiently in preparation for the final assault. The UNHCR, other UN agencies and the numerous NGOs and governmental representatives who were all engaged in servicing those camps through the same military and civil administrative authorities whom they knew had just perpetrated a genocide mainly turned a blind eye to what was happening in broad daylight. The new Rwandese authorities repeatedly but vainly sought the assistance of both the UN and the world’s major powers to resolve this existential risk to its security, by separating the people responsible for the Genocide against civilian refugees.

So, my friend, these wild and unsubstantiated accusations against those who sacrificed their lives to stop a genocide that the UN was specifically in Rwanda to prevent but deliberately failed to do, highly despicable. I have no doubt that this report and the timing of its leakage are part of a crude but well-orchestrated media campaign against Rwanda by the vast network of organizations infiltrated by deniers and revisionists of the Genocide perpetrated against Rwanda’s Tutsi which has been at work from the first day of the Genocide.

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